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Vileda Relax in the test: Read our recent review of the Vileda Relax robotic vacuum and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Vileda Relax robotic vacuum cleaner – Review

The Vileda robotic vacuum is processed properly and provides a sensible features. Read in the test which weaknesses prevent a higher rating, and whether he might still exactly the right tools for your needs.

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The Vileda brand is part of the Freudenberg Group, which has its headquarters in Baden-Württemberg Weinheim. The term “Vileda” goes on a synthetic window cleaning cloth back that was introduced in the year 1948th It is an invented word and has been derived from “like leather.” The window cleaning cloth has been further developed over the years and is still part of the range. Besides products were like sponges, dish towels or brooms and mops so. Traditionally, the Baden are thus in the production of textile and manual cleaning utensils at home, but now it is also represented in the fully automatic floor cleaning. With the Vileda Cleaning Robot and the slightly more expensive Vileda Relax has two Staubsaugerroboter on offer , which certainly include with prices under 200 euros to the cheaper models on the market. We want to examine the test of whether the more expensive of the two models can compete with the Toprobotern the competition.


The Vileda Relax has an average power consumption of 23 watts and the integrated battery allows thereby a continuous operation of about 80 minutes. For the robotic vacuum cleaner has previously also around 4-5 hours a charging cable hanging. About a charging station the Relax has not. The hopper works bagless and summarizes – for a robotic vacuum – impressive 0.25 liters. But this is also reflected in the dimensions and weight of the device again. With a diameter of 35 cm, a height of about 9 cm and a weight of more than 2,5 kg of Vileda is definitely one of the larger of its kind . The package includes in addition to the vacuum cleaner and the charging cable fortunately a replacement brush and a cleaning brush contain.

To navigation as many competitors is the Vileda Relax, also, a kind of chaos principle . He drives off in one direction until it encounters an obstacle. Then he seemingly randomly changes the direction and then goes on and on. As long as he does not depend on the room, but one of the 3 possible settings you mitgibt start him. After switching on one of the 3 buttons on the top must be pressed and it then depends on the brushing time. Step 1 is intended for cleaning small spaces and corresponds to a duration of about 5 minutes. Stage 2 is designed for medium-sized rooms up to 25 m² and here the robotic vacuum cleaner is then employs around 30 minutes. In Stage 3, he travels almost as long as about how it just allows the battery. One side brush helps the dirt from corners and edges to remove, while a rotating brush at the bottom to move the particles toward suction port. The built-in infrared sensors to thereby detect the Vileda Relax help stairs and other abysses, so that it can change direction in time.

Test Result – down to earth and tidy

A beauty is the robotic vacuum Vileda not, yet the build quality is no cause for criticism. While the high prices its competitors thanks to LEDs, displays and lighthouses sprayed a lot of high-tech, the Vileda looks more homespun and simple. This must not be bad, Design Friends and fans of technological gadgets are likely here but hardly be happy. Regardless of the exterior, there is only the slightly too small geratenen carrying handle at the top to complain. The seems to be made for slim woman hands, men with average size hands are in any case hard pressed here. The padding on the front to protect walls and furniture in clashes and makes a very high-quality impression.

Since the Vileda without dirt sensors have to make do, he is virtually “blind” and completely dependent on the random navigation. The experience shows can work well, but it just also happens repeatedly that he edited the same places multiple times while not visited other until the end. While he perfectly recognized all landings in the test has and shunned, he had at carpet edges and narrow aisles (about 50cm between the bed and wall) always problems. In the former, he often got stuck and had to piepsend request assistance. In narrow corridor he remained although movable until the end, but has not found still back out. Emptying the dust container and cleaning the brush is best done after each use. If you wait so long, it can be uncomfortable and somewhat awkward.

In operation, the Vileda Relax is pleasantly quiet and even a TV but if he works in the same room. Nevertheless, the suction force appears to be sufficient, at least on hard floors. Only with animal hair he comes here to its limits.The he collects then indeed, leaves them but returned as small piles on the floor. Even on carpet then shows a similar picture. Even at very short carpets , the Vileda problems take all dirt particles and always clearly visible parts remain. To an additional cleaning with the tried and tested vacuum cleaner to get here so not around.

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Test result – nothing for carpet or pet owners

The Vileda Relax can be quite a useful aid in the budget, but only under certain conditions. He feels clearly only on hard floors at home and also with animal hair he has in testing its problems. Besides, he is a solid robotic vacuum with uncomplicated operation.

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