The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / Vileda 142861 Relax robotic vacuum – Comparison Test

Vileda 142861 Relax robotic vacuum – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

Operation / handling (30%)
Display (25%)
GOOD (2:33)
Delivery Accessories (5%)
GOOD (2.35)
Battery (20%)
GOOD (1.67)
Security (10%)
GOOD (2:40)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Telematics
    • Three cleaning programs
    • lift sensor
    • fall Protection
    • Good cleaning performance


    • No remote control
    • No programming

Functions / Features

  • remote control included
  • Included Qty
    virtual walls: 0
  • Volume dust container: 250 cc
  • Included Qty Replacement filter: 0
  • Weight: 3 Kg
  • Volume: 63 dB (A)
  • Polymer coated bumpers
  • fall Protection
  • Touch Pad Operation
  • Battery life: 1.3 hours.
  • Battery Type: NiMH battery
  • Battery recharge time: 4.5 hours.
  • Power: 23 Watt
  • Manufacturer: Vileda


  • programming function
  • supports remote control
  • Virtual wall supports
  • supports Lighthouse
  • Camera-Based Navigation
  • HEPA filter
  • Anti-Tangle function
  • Dust bin full indicator
  • Dirt Detect indicator
  • Trouble shooting display
  • Battery level indicator
  • Spot cleaning mode
  • Intensive cleaning mode
  • HomeBase ™
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 30% Note 2.63
programming function  –   00:00
supports remote control  –   00:00
Virtual wall supports  –   00:00
supports Lighthouse  –   00:00
Camera-Based Navigation  –   00:00
Volume dust container 250cc  12:50
HEPA filter  –   00:00
Spot cleaning mode  –   00:00
weight 3 Kg  57.14
volume 63 dB (A)  70.59
Intensive cleaning mode  –   00:00
Touch Pad Operation  + 100.00
HomeBase ™  –   00:00
Total points 240.23 (1300)
show 25% Note 3:00
Dust bin full indicator  –   00:00
Dirt Detect indicator  –   00:00
Trouble shooting display  –   00:00
Battery level indicator  –   00:00
Total points   00:00 (400)
delivery Accessories 5% Note 2:33
remote control included  + 100.00
Included Qty
virtual walls
0   00:00
Included Qty Replacement Filters 0   00:00
Total points 100.00 (300)
battery pack 20% Note 2:35
Battery life 1.3 hr.  31.43
Battery recharge time 4.5 hrs.  33.33
Total points  64.76 (200)
safety 10% Note 1.67
Anti-Tangle function  –   00:00
Polymer coated bumpers  + 100.00
fall Protection  + 100.00
Total points 200.00 (300)
Amazon data 10% Note 2:40
Amazon valuation 3.6  30.00
Total points  30.00 (100)
Properties without rating
battery type

For over 50 years the company Vileda represented on the German market with its household products. There is hardly a German household where not a mop or a floor cleaner Vileda performs its services. Vileda has therefore to score as traditional brand with a very high penetration rate prima opportunities, even when the cleaning robots.

Since 2013 there is the robotic vacuum Vileda 142861 Relax robotic vacuum . Those who value a possible easy to use device that meets the basic performance requirements of a vacuum cleaner and in addition also is still excellent value for money, for the coming of the robotic vacuum cleaner from Vileda in question.

the Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot Similar to its more expensive brothers has a three-stage cleaning system:

    • With a horizontally rotating side brush it removes the dirt from the corners and along edges.
    • Two of the rotating bottom brushes have the main work: they take dust and dirt on the ground.
  • The actual vacuum cleaner finally ensures that the images captured by the brush particles amounts to land in the collection container.

If one has the Vileda Cleaning Robot is turned on, you can select by pressing a button on the top panel with 3 different cleaning programs:

  • S – The robotic vacuum cleaner cleans five minutes long
  • M – The robotic vacuum cleaner cleans 30 minutes (for medium-sized rooms)
  • L – is the cleaning time 60 minutes (for large rooms)

Depending on which program is selected, the robot turns to the automatically allotted time . Of course, here a certain follow-up is necessary to ensure that the chosen cleaning program was also suitable for the room.

Both hard floors (wood, parquet, linoleum, tile) and short woven carpets from the two main brushes can be cleaned very well in this way were. Only with thicker carpets should use the classic vacuum cleaner instead of the robot.

The hopper can be removed by pressing a button, so that no additional costs for the purchase of vacuum cleaner bags are incurred.

Vileda Relax robotic vacuum 142861

The left is the Vileda 142861 Relax robotic vacuum cleaner at work.

The 2 rotating at the bottom side of the brush remove the dust and dirt from the ground up.

The driving strategy of Vileda 142861 follows a simple pattern: is given to him in the mid-to-clean space, so he works spiraling outwards forward until it eventually comes up against an obstacle, its direction changes and then cleans the remaining surfaces in straight paths .

This distinguishes the Vileda robot vacuum cleaner by his colleagues from the competition, which usually always go in straight paths. For the owner of the robot alone decisive but the fact that the device of this, based with the aid of a random navigation algorithm, driving strategy is actually reaches the entire surface to be cleaned.

The software of the Vileda 142861 contains a specific blockage sensor , which always triggered , when the wheels or brushes are blocked. This is for example the case when the robot vacuum cleaner encounters cable. The blockade sensor sets the instrument then called in a. “Reverse” mode, ie, the robot moves automatically from the blockade triggering point away.

Lighthouses as signs are not intended for the Vileda 142,861th But this is only a small drawback, since this function can be “manually” simulated to the robotic vacuum cleanmore rooms, so you just wearing it after work in the next room.

The Robosauger Vileda 142861 has several sensors:

    • 4 crash sensors :
      these recognize stairs and lead to a change of direction
    • Lift sensor :
      the robot stops automatically when it is lifted from the ground.
  • A collision sensor :
    the robot moves (at a different angle) further when it collides with an object. The collision sensor is therefore partly responsible for the above-described driving strategy of Vileda 142,861th

It is advisable to briefly wipe after each cleaning cycle, the crash sensors to make them “blind” are not and the Vileda 142861 might “crash”. The stairs warning system of Vileda Staubsaugroboters directs an immediate change of direction as soon as a staircase or a paragraph is recognized. For the timely detection of the “abyss” provide four placed at the bottom of crash sensors.

Stairs-recognition system of Vileda 142861 Cleaning robot


The maintenance of this robotic vacuum cleaner is very simple: the collection vessel is removed by pressing a button on the robot body, and then emptied only when the cleaning brushes a little more effort is required because you use a screwdriver must first loosen a bolt here.

The cleaning of the brush itself is but unproblematic and is not necessary after each cleaning cycle.

also, the dust filter should be cleaned briefly on this occasion with the supplied maintenance brush. Regularly check the filter, and if he “obstructed” to appear to you, replace it (with the purchase is already a replacement filter case).

Do not forget to wipe the crash sensors!

The Vileda 142861 Packaging

Links look at the packaging of ready Vileda 142861 household robot.

The Vileda Relax is the successor to the popular Vileda 137173 Cleaning Robot .

For the initial charging of the batteries, the power supply needs about 8 hours, after which it takes – depending on consumption –ca. 4-5 hours until the battery is fully recharged. The Vileda Cleaning Robot has no charging station, where it recharges automatically.

The basic functions of a robotic vacuum cleaner

  • autonomous navigation
  • Crash opening safety
  • good cleaning performance for the most common types of soil
  • easy maintenance

met this robot vacuum cleaner, the one on top of that for a reasonable price gets.

Negative values to the somewhat complex procedure of brush cleaning .

Anyone looking for a very inexpensive and functional full Staubsaugroboter, can a Vileda 142861 Relax robotic vacuum set up without hesitation. Although this robotic vacuum cleaner has no timer programming and does not communicate with the lighthouse systems from other manufacturers, it does, but incomparably cheap and robust.

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