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VARO POW 63887 scattering car test

Technical characteristics

Material plastic
capacity 15 litres of
spreading width 1.4 m to 2.5 m
weight 4 kg
handle handle
suitable for seed, fertilizer and road salt/split
level support available
litter volume available
specificity encapsulated maintenance-free cluster drive


  • robust processing
  • very large spreading width
  • good terrain commonly


  • assembling poorly described

a scattering of many people only used to smooth paths with salt, to secure split, sand or other blockage. The blockage prevents passers-by on the sidewalk from slipping out. Homeowners are required to back up the walkways and entrances to the House. Should be refrain from spreading and a passer-by slips on height of the House, can be quite expensive for the homeowner. Through the scattering, spreading is not a problem. The scattering can be used but just as well to distribute fertilizer and grass seed in the warm seasons. It’s when at the scattering of POW 63887 by VARO garden to a spreader of up to 15 l grit can transport.

Advantages of scattering

the biggest advantage of the scattering car is that it can be used as individual. The blockage can be evenly spread over a large surface. Due to the potential volume of 15 l must not constantly refilled. With the hand, so even working would be impossible. The scattering of VARO garden is stable and clean. For many years, VARO garden produces scattering and other useful garden helper. Much emphasis is placed on quality. The Green scattering is a useful helper, which can do the various tasks in the outdoor area. Instead of like I used to get started with gloves and bucket & shovel, tedious work with the scattering are carried out within minutes. The work is not only faster, but also the back will be spared. Even when populated, the scattering car offers just the right height. Sand, fertilizer or other blockage can be filled easily, without that much Besides going on.

Properties of the scattering car

of the scattering can be used for the various Steugut. It is only important that it is not too heavy. The 15 l volume should not be confused with 15 kg grit. The filling car can be easy to slide right fill volume. The two large wheels ensure a perfect fit. Small bumps or slopes bother them. In addition, the thick wheels provide stability. In the snow and on a damp floor of the scattering not bags. The spread of the car measures 1,40-2,50 m. Thus, broader ways are quickly processed. The scattering is a good complement to already existing garden equipment. It can be used perfectly for it to provide a prepared area with seed and fertilizer.

A practical tool of the garden

a great advantage of the VARO garden scattering car is that he has such a light weight. It can be transported more easily. Since the scattering car consists of a sturdy plastic, it can be easily cleaned after work. You don’t the garden unit, if he kept out there, because there are no parts that could possibly rust. Even in winter, the scattering must not be covered.


  • material: plastic
  • color: Green
  • spreading width: 1.40 m to 2.50 m
  • Max volume: 15 l
  • Extras: 2 large sturdy wheels


of the scattering car is a great help for every home and garden owners. It can be used individually to each season. While the car is filled with grit such as salt or sand in the winter, it can be used in the winter for sowing or to fertilize. The volume of 15 l is sufficient for private use. He is ideal due to its spreading width of up to 2.50 m & kitchen r walkways suitable larger areas. The scattering can also fully loaded is still good push. He is a great help in the variety of working outdoors. Due to its clean treatment of scattering is very durable and will provide many years of his service. Because the scattering consists largely of sturdy plastic, it can if necessary with a water hose just be hosed and then dried with a soft cloth. Then he is for the next clean available.

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