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Test report: Ultrasport Klimmzugstange

The Ultrasport pull-up bar saves you the annoying way to the gym and can comfortably train from home. Pull-ups are probably one of the most demanding exercises of any training program and thus represent an efficient workout for the entire upper body.

With this device a variety of exercises can be completed. In addition to arm muscles, you can also easily strengthen chest, shoulder, back, stomach, buttocks and leg muscles. Corresponding examples are given in the enclosed operating instructions.



The pull bar is mounted on the ceiling and therefore offers you a secure hold for your workout. The fastening is made by 4 robust steel screws on each side. Therefore the device can easily be used up to a body weight of 100 kg.

The ceiling mount of the pull bar requires some accuracy, but should not be a problem with some support. The distance between the two fixing plates on the ceiling is 47 cm (from the inner edge to the inner edge). Depending on the hardness of your ceiling, the dowels supplied may need to be replaced by stronger ones.


Possibilities of use

Due to its construction, the pull-up bar can be used both as a pull-up bar and as a stretching bar. The pull bar has a total of 4 handles (2 on the side, 2 on the front), which offer you a high degree of flexibility in the design of your individual training program. There is also the possibility to hang additional sports equipment such as a punching bag or gymnastics on the bar. This offers you additional additional training possibilities.



At first sight, the Ultrasport pull bar is very robust and stable. Also loads exceeding the maximum weight of 100 kg stated by the manufacturer are possible. Despite the stable construction, the pull bar with a total weight of approx. 7 kg comes rather slim. However, the cross-bar should have been somewhat wider. The pull bar has a total width of 101 cm. The distance to the ceiling is 33 cm. This leaves you with enough freedom in your exercises. The handles are easy to grip thanks to their diameter of 3 cm. For added convenience, the specified plastic handles.



Conclusion guyAt first glance, the Ultrasport pull bar is surprising. Despite the favorable price, the pull bar is nevertheless robust and stable, but not too massive. This is also noticeable in the low total weight of approx. 7 kg.

The Ultrasport pull-up bar is mounted on the ceiling. This ensures adequate support during training. The mounting material is included in the delivery. However, you should first check the hardness of your ceiling. If necessary, replace the supplied dowels with stronger ones. These are however available for small money in every construction market.

Basically, ceiling mounting with 2 persons is possible within 15 minutes without problems.

In use the device convinces with its almost infinite training possibilities. The device can be used both as a stretching bar and as a pull bar. Due to the 4 diametrical handles, which are easy to grip due to the high diameter, exercises of various types are possible. The crossbar, on the other hand, is a little narrow. However, this can be eliminated by the use of adhesive tape or the like.

All the muscle groups of the upper body can be trained (even depending on the exercise) at the same time with the pull bar. The supplied operating instructions even provide examples for beginners. In order to get a bit of variety in the training day, it is even possible to offer other sports equipment such as a punching bag to the pull bar.

Therefore, if you are looking for a rugged pull-up bar for a small amount of money, which offers a wide range of training possibilities, this is the right place. The Ultrasport pull bar is suitable for newcomers as well as for advanced users. New entrants receive a few useful example exercises and training ideas with the accompanying manual.

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