The best IP cameras 2016 / TriVision H.264 HD IP camera in the test

TriVision H.264 HD IP camera in the test

TriVision H.264 HD IP camera in the test



The TriVision H.264 is estimated by experts for their good image and sound quality. In our test, this IP camera has videos with good to very good quality recorded both by day and by night.

TriVision H.264 compression, HD 720P Wireless Lan IP Camera / Ip Surveillance Camera IR LED WiFi Wireless / WiFi Night Vision 12m with IR cut filter


Product features TriVision H.264 HD

TriVision H.264 HD IP camera in the testThe TriVision H.264 network camera is not only optically a high-quality and successful impression, but it could also provide good results when shooting at any time in our test. This model can be reliable and convenient specific areas in a job or for private use monitor. For this you can easily connect your Internet-enabled phone, tablet or PC via LAN or Wi-Fi with the security camera and control from here. Now it can be observed from anywhere in the world from the desired area. In addition, you have the option of the videos to yourmicro SD card to record or other storage medium.

hd qualityFor crisp videos the innovative technology of the camera, thusHD720p achieved quality. By AAC audio features excellent sound quality is also ensured. Even in the darkness, you can monitor selected areas with this model, because the IR LED lights night vision up to 12 m possible. Even areas in theoutside area to be filmed with the TriVision H.264, without having to take the weather into consideration. The sturdy design and the special material to protect the camera reliably against rain. Be particularly practical for the motion detection has been proven in our test.

With this function, the camera shoots only when something moves in the monitored area. Optionally, you can come up with the alarm function can these images will automatically send an email to the camera. Only Only the price remains a small flaw. Comparable good models are already to get less for 100 euros.

The features at a glance

  • Up to 12 meters night vision by 28 LEDs
  • Fast connection via LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Videos in HD720p quality
  • Motion sensor and alarm via email
  • Compatible with all major operating systems and browsers
  • IR cut filter for optimal image quality

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