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Trend-Welt Türreck Pull-up bar

Trend-Welt Türreck Pull-up bar


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Test report: Trend-Welt Türreck Klimmzugstange

Trend-Welt has a pull-up bar with hand pad. It is a convenient and easy way to train your own body in your own 4 walls. The model is equipped with transparent side grommets and is even loadable up to 300 kilograms. In addition, it comes with foam grips.The Trend-Welt Türreck model has been sold a thousand times since 2008. This is a kind of body workout for the masses. The device is small but very effective. Anyone can train abdominal muscles, triceps, back and biceps with the help of the pull bar. With the telescopic extension, the Türeck fits into every door frame. Only in rare cases is a screw required and this only if the maximum load capacity is exceeded. An additional holder is therefore included in the scope of delivery. For training without gloves there are foam grips on the pull bar. The sweaty hands do not present a problem and there are no more bubbles on the hands. 2 Gusseiserne mounting cups are supplied, so that everything is stable enough with the door frames. The pull bar is designed for up to 300 kilograms.


The usage characteristics and the price / performance ratio

The telescopic bar on the model is made of a solid steel. The bar can adapt to any door frame up to 105 centimeters. The telescopic rod can be simply pulled out and it adapts to the door width. Without screws the maximum load is often stated with 100 kilograms and this applies up to 70 centimeters of frame width. If the load limit is exceeded, the rod must be screwed on. Otherwise an effective training in the model is possible and this within the own four walls. Everything is absolutely uncomplicated. It is important for the training pensum that no one overloads, as otherwise injuries can occur. The pull bar is currently available for about 20 euros to buy. This is a bargain with the model.


Important information

At Amazon, the doorstep of Trend-Welt overall is relatively good. With predominantly good reviews, there is little, which is criticized by the buyers. Some buyers found that the pull bar is only suitable for solid door frames when no screws are used. Surely, however, this is true for the majority of the bars. The foam grips may sometimes turn with, but they can also be easily moved and thus different grip positions can be achieved. The maximum load capacity depends on how far a bar is pulled out. While it is only 100 kilograms maximum load capacity, the manufacturer gives 300 kilograms.


Conclusion guy
Sufficient support is always offered when the metal brackets are used for bolting. The brackets are therefore best used. Please note that traces can remain behind the frame. The training tool can convince in any case through practicality. Marking can be the device with the high load bearing capacity, if the optional fixing with the metal holder is given. The construction is stable overall and the hand pads provide a high training comfort. Particularly against the formation of bubbles on the fingers is effectively protected.

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