The best steam ironing stations 2016 / Top 10 steam ironing systems: Bestseller test 2016

Top 10 steam ironing systems: Bestseller test 2016

Who does not know, the story of Max and Moritz and their seven pranks, written in 1865 by the great comic pioneer Wilhelm Busch , which tragically ended by the two “bad” boys were processed in a flour mill to duck feed.

In this seven pranks there is a scene where the tailor’s wife Böck her husband with her iron warms up after an involuntary bath in a cold stream:

Wilhelm Busch drawing

“High is here to praise Mrs Boeck!
After a hot iron,
put on the cold body,
has redressed it.”

Who looks exactly to the drawings by Wilhelm Busch, will be noted that the iron woman Boeck had neither an electrical terminal or connection to a steam generator. It seems to have been more of a typical iron of that time, in the enlarged cavity hot coals orbriquettes (!) Were filled and fitted with a sturdy wooden handle. But it served its purpose, not only during the warm Tailor Böck, but also in the temple bars of the 19th century.

150 years later, is no longer heated with coal but consistently with electricity. In iron, regardless operated dry or with steam, the heat is nowadays basically electrically generated. But that is not the only difference from the Iron Mrs Bock: There are a variety of other technical achievements that make ironing easier one hand and make the other hand more efficiently.

Read the following sections for more information about the possibilities offered by a modern steam iron, and look into ourcomparison chart , where you can determine the best suited model for you!

The name “Dampfbügelstation” gives a hint already: it consists of

  • an iron,
  • a steam generator,
  • and the steam hose connecting the generator to the iron.

The iron itself contains at its sole outlet openings for the steam, which – are arranged differently, but ensure that the steam is distributed evenly over the ironing surface – depending on the manufacturer and product. And since the steam is generated in the steam generator and not in iron, this is also significantly lighter than a regular steam iron: varies between 1.0 and 1.5 kg weight of the commercially available devices (weight refers only to the actual iron without . station) . a steam iron comprises an iron, a steam generator and a steam hose the separation of the steam generator from the actual iron makes, inter alia, the weight a positive impact. in the steam generator, there are 2 variants in the device version:

AEG Dampfbügelstation


    • In the first variant are boiler and water tank identical . Here If you want to add water, must wait until the device has cooled – else would one possibly scald your hands when opening the tanks of steam.


  • Better is the second solution: water tank and boiler are separately housed from each other. Here you can always present during operation of water – some devices can be the tank even completely remove it from the generator and fill it from the tap directly.

The steam hose finally connects the steam generator to the iron and is typically 1.65 to 1.80 meters long. This length is just right for normal use case, in which the station is mounted at one end of the ironing board. Who wants to have it perfect, can his Dampfbügelstation (eg the Rowenta DG8960 ), incidentally also equal to the right board (here we also speak of “steam generator table” ) to buy.

Tefal GV 7250
Klarstein Speed Iron

Different systems: While Tefal water refill directly on the device, Klarstein allows the removal of the water tank.


First would be here the normal dry ironing to mention, that the ironing without steam. Models of our comparison table to offer this feature, of course, what can not be otherwise, since the steam is only passed by pressing a steam switch by the exit points of the soleplate. In addition, however, all devices have more features, with which you can move the material to be ironed to the body:

Temperature setting for the soleplate

This feature allows you adjusts the temperature of the respective strap goods, just as you have always done it during dry ironing. Silk or pure cotton should be ironed at temperatures other than linen or cotton with some synthetic fibers.

Regulating the amount of steam

For this function, there is usually a knob . Here you can select between 0 and a maximum setting you in our comparison table at the property “permanent steam capacity max.” Will find.

The words “120 g / min” means that the ironing system is set to a permanent release of 120 grams of steam per minute – of course, only as long as you hold the steam button.

steam boost

The function of steam means that you can deliver a targeted shot of steam via a special button on the iron handle which is passed through a few exit holes at the instrument tip.

Here one is at a stroke significantly larger amount of steam delivered targeted – usually up to three times the maximum permanent steam.

Vertical ironing

This feature allows the ironing or smoothing hanging textiles, for example, suit jackets or pants, from which one can “out iron” wrinkles bad. This includes the requirement that the iron is held vertically and the material does not directly contact, since it concerns a “vapor deposition”: the very hot steam is a “dewrinkling” sensitive Texttilien and completely without the mechanical pressure of the soleplate.

Meanwhile provides the home appliance market also called. Vertical Garment Steamers , which manage entirely without iron and used exclusively for such a function of smoothing with steam.

ECO function

Many ironing systems now also offer this feature that lets you save energy can. That sounds good, but in practice not always endure because some fabrics may just be smoothed only with increased temperature and more amounts of steam. How much energy you can save with consistent application of the ECO function, depends on the device and the technique used, more than 20 to 30%, you can not expect.

Moreover, the ECO mode is simply the average steam setting – so it stuck no technical features behind. Just as well you could turn down the steam control – power is thus also saved!

Steam iron with steam shock

An aimed chuff can be triggered via a special button on the iron.

The escaping steam makes ironing easier and ensures crease-free fabric to be ironed.

For the maintenance and cleaning of steam ironing systems, especially a point plays an important role: the water quality . The situation here is similar to dishwashers, washing machines and other household appliances that use tap water: water quality is influenced mainly by the hardness of the water used. Also at Stiftung Warentest (link is external)is always pointed in the test reports on the importance for the user’s knowledge of the local degree of hardness.

The harder the water, the more lime it contains so, the more important is an effective protection from it. Here, manufacturers have carefully provided: almost all devices have an anti-limescale system , which gives the water the desired pH. The produced lime is in a so-called. Lime collector collected and must be emptied at regular intervals.

If the lime collector fully , this is usually an indicator light appears, and you can simply rinse the lime collector and reinsert , On this occasion it should be noted that other states are indicated with indicator lights:

  • the water level in the tank,
  • the steam ready indicator,
  • and the temperature of the soleplate.

The safety of the user is the function “Automatic safety shutdown” , which is not yet universally available for all devices. Such a function will automatically shut off (after a certain number of minutes, depending on device) of the steam iron, if this edge is on the soleplate or and will not be used (read: the steam button is not pressed). One hundred percent protection against fire or charred fabrics provides the but is not yet.

Below for each manufacturer of equipment from our comparative test a short description.


Since 1996, the AEG-products from the Swedish group Electrolux sold since the company AEG no longer exists as of this date. Following the acquisition of the company remains one has but continued the household product line of AEG at Electrolux consistent: beside vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and washing machines represents AEG (link is external)and all sorts of small appliances for kitchen and household ago, including all types of iron and also steam irons.


This company gives it only since 2008. Klarstein is similar Gastroback, Clatronic or Unold with all sorts of household electrical appliances . These include iron and steam irons, all kinds of kitchen appliances and robotic vacuum, humidifiers and air conditioners.


Similar to the vacuum cleaners offers Philips also the subject ironing a huge number of devices with different functions.Besides the classic Dry iron is found in the product range of the Dutch company, for example still travel irons, steam irons and steam brushes and of course accessories for all these household helpers. Important for our subject but is that Philips is currently (June 2015) offers 30 different alone steam irons, so that actually suit every taste and price there is something.


Rowenta counts as Tefal, Moulinex and Krups to the brands of the French company Groupe SEB , which make this one of the leading manufacturers of small electrical appliances and housewares. The name of the company was the way like “Tefal” a combination of words, here it was first and last name of the company founder Robert Weintraud who in 1884 founded the company in Offenbach am Main. Product focus at Rowenta were decades all devices that were needed in the household for ironing, now one among others gets at Rowenta also vacuum cleaners, fan heaters and hair straighteners.


The company name is a word combination of “Teflon” and “aluminum”, the two main materials for the manufacture of pans with non-stick coating . In 1954 Tefal began in France with the production of the first pan, which was provided with this special non-stick coating. Since then, those pans as well as saucepans and other household appliances with non-stick coatings, an indispensable part of modern households.

And falls under this “other domestic appliances” as well as the steam iron, the surface should not stick to the material to be ironed for good reason. Tefal Ironing -Dampfbügelstationen also be judged by the Stiftung Warentest with “good” and show that the company in the domestic appliance sector is an international leader.

Our comparison table for a detailed list and description of the main features of the device.

You will also find the calculated final grade , the Amazon valuation and the best deals for each model. Clicking on the final grade will take you for the detailed calculation of the score, the results from the category ratings and the percentage of the category in the overall result.

If you agree with a device, so you can purchase it via the specified online ordering. We ourselves do not sell products. Our goal is to provide you useful information to make an informed buying decision available.

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