The best steam cleaners 2016 / Top 10 steam cleaners • Test the best steam vacuum cleaner in 2016

Top 10 steam cleaners • Test the best steam vacuum cleaner in 2016

Steam cleaners , steam cleaner, Steam Mop: always new cleaning devices for domestic use come on the market that do completely without chemicals and cleaning agents and only work with steam.

We have faced some of the most popular steam cleaning equipment as part of our comparison tests.

One thing is certain: a steam engine is considerably more complicated than a steam cleaner. Although many physics teachers, this is very different, such as from the Feuerzangenbowle known Prof. Bömmel who tried to impress his students with the following original statement of the steam engine:

“Wat is’ne Dampfmaschin’? Because stelle ma us times janz stupid and sagn, en Dampfmaschin’ iss ne large, round, black space. For a hole, as de steam goes in, and on the other hand, dat warriors mer later . “

Contrary to the opinion of Prof. Bömmel we need neither to play dumb to the functional principle to understand a steam cleaner, yet we have to put off the reader to the next “lesson”. Instead, we are convinced that you know after reading the following sections all we need about steam cleaner to get out our comparison chart that for you perfectly suitable model select.Extremely popular in German households: the steam cleaner The versatile devices are heated in a few minutes and ready for use ,

Steam Cleaner at work


With steam, one is tempted to say. And that gets to the heart of the matter: a steam cleaner consists essentially of a vessel in which to boiling water is placed and thereby vapor. This is under high pressure, passed through a valve in different nozzles, from which it then passes to the outside. Two things are therefore important, so that the steam cleaner works well:

    • Firstly, it must be a powerful heating element have, which brings the water in the boiler in the shortest possible time to the boil. Here, the customer would be natural if the power consumption of the heater is low, a request that this by now present in all electric-powered appliances.
  • The steam may however not be led directly to the outside, but should, if possible with high pressure flow from the respective nozzle: this makes the cleaning very heavily soiled areas easier. Therefore, the steam cleaner in the boiler initially build some pressure on (between 1 and 4 bar approximately), which is then drained through a valve in the guide tube.

steam boiler

The inner workings of a steam cleaner. In the boiler is brought the water in a short time to boiling

. Once sufficient pressure is available, the steam flows at the request of the appropriate nozzle to the outside

, depending on which nozzle to use, you can now steam a large area of the floor nozzle or selectively via a jet nozzle directed to the area to be cleaned. Many devices have to control the steam strength (which is the same as the vapor pressure) a switch, often it is attached to the handle, sometimes at the top of the boiler. Most have 2 stages to control the vapor pressure, which then have something more expensive also stepless knob .

As a Stage 0 , you often find the child lock , which prevents any steam escapes. That’s when the steam cleaners an absolute necessity, because (under normal walk-pressure conditions 100 degrees Celsius) is always a risk of burns due to the high boiling point of water, if you come into direct contact with the steam.

This is advantageous in any case. If one has namely only a single chamber for the water, so you have to wait for replenishment of the water until the unit has cooled (also it should be switched off completely). But who wants to clean a larger area in the house, for the water tank is not quite sufficient, should be a cleaner with 2-chamber system purchase. There is next to the main water tank is a second tank, in which one in operation can top up with water.

So if you want to remove 150 square meters terrace of mosses and green growth, should prefer a steam cleaner with 2-chamber system! Water it is important “material “for a steam cleaner, much like gasoline for a car. The water tank should be sufficiently large and ideally have 2 separate chambers.

water tank


The accessories for steam cleaners is similar varied as in the canister vacuum cleaners . We include below only on the accessories market at all offers and refer back for more precise information on our comparison chart :

Standard floor nozzle

This looks just like the vacuum cleaner, except that it draws nothing but the opposite does: it flows the hot steam out of it and removes the dirt under the nozzle.

Mostly, there is a “web” (a soil wipe ) to which can be attached to the floor nozzle, but usually extends the “bristle variant” , eg when rubbing on stone slabs.


For interior cleaning and careful dust removal on houseplants, there is the large Bodendampfdüse whose exit radius is the same as that of the steam pipe. This is aimed at intensive contamination but for not much.

It’s useful but nevertheless as the “warm-up” of windows that you should never abruptly suspend a concentrated hot steam jet. And – as just mentioned – also plants can be dusted off gently in this way.

Round brush attachments

Round brush attachments can eg help on the terrace, on stone slabs in the garden or in the bathroom when cleaning, especially increases here the use as a hand tool , the effectiveness enormously.

Solid stream nozzles

The detail nozzle finally is the strongest weapon the steam cleaner: from the extremely narrow opening occurs, the hot steam from the highest speed, so that one can hereby specifically remove the dirt in however narrow areas.

Especially in the grooves between each patio stones can do a bit jet nozzle, or even in hard to reach places in a shower where happy ever accumulates muck and mold.

window Washer

A window wiper without nozzle connection is included with most devices. One can after gentle warming edit the windows with the wide Handüse and then remove the remaining water with this window wiper.

But there are also special combined window wiper, which spray both steam and can deduct the residual water.

steam iron

A not uncommon accessory is a steam iron that works without electrical connection only on the supply of steam from the steam cleaner. A nice touch – especially for frequent press, for which account the constant refilling of water into the iron.

Often, only the connection of such an iron is included in delivery – ultimately yes many customers have already an iron.
Steam Cleaner Accessories

Depending on the steam cleaner model the included accessories precipitates differently.

A suitable steam iron provides Kärcher inter alia the Model SC 4 with.


Application for steam cleaners are not only the entire household especially terraces and other areas in the garden. Care must be taken in each case precisely on the nature of the surface to be cleaned: natural stone , for example, can withstand the “attack” with the detail nozzle well, whereas marble or slate are more sensitive. Here you can work gently with the regulation of the vapor pressure and the use of brushes. A common area of application for a steam cleaner is cleaning the floor. Rinse and clean and without the use of chemical cleaning agents also defrost the freezer, the removal of limescale or cleaning auto wheels:. all conceivable applications the steam cleaner Caution should be exercised in floor coverings: on unsealed wood you should use the steam cleaner no. Even in a sealed laminate should not start right away with the detail nozzle to the ground, but better to work with a reduced vapor pressure and a wiping cloth over the floor nozzle.

floor cleaning


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