The best reviews 2017 / THOMAS WS 776 SEK Washing machine

THOMAS WS 776 SEK Washing machine

THOMAS WS 776 SEK Washing machine


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Test report: THOMAS WS 776 SEK Wäscheeschleuder

Washing clothes have become more and more rare in today’s world, as many washing machines already have a spin cycle. Nevertheless, many still rely on the good function of a clothes slinger. No wonder, because compared to a conventional washing machine, the clothes slingers take over the work much more effectively. The clothes thrower Thomas WS 776 SEK is of course no exception. 

High quality and good performance

The stainless steel drum in the color white is very well processed and offers a capacity of up to 4.5 kilograms. At first sight, this model seems rather inconspicuous, but the function is important. The Thomas WS 776 SEK laundry centrifuge impresses with a centrifugal speed of 2,800 revolutions per minute. A modern and high-quality washing machine usually only reaches 1,400 revolutions per minute.


Good value in purchase

It is therefore no secret or a big surprise that the clothes slingers considerably reduce the drying process. Not only do you save a lot of electricity and energy, you can also put your clothes on again quickly. Drying in a dryer is usually no longer necessary with this laundry centrifuge. Also very positive is the very favorable price for this model. Of course, the manufacturer also paid attention to a long shelf life. With a dimension of 350 x 660 x 110 mm, the Thomas SEK 776 clothes centrifuge is not too small or too big. It certainly finds its place in every household.


Painted finish ring

The clothes slinger is very recommendable. The manufacturer is not an unknown company in this field and can look back on many years of professional experience. This model is ideal for the private sector and convinces with a great performance.


Easy operation and handling

The scope of delivery includes a detailed operating manual. However, the handling should be self-explanatory. Extensive programming or connections are, of course, not necessary with this clothes extractor. The model is ready for use in just a few minutes and takes care of drying your laundry.


Conclusion guyThe clothes loom Thomas WS 776 SEK convinces with a very good performance. Compared to a washing machine or other clothes sling, this model offers a convincing work with its 2,800 revolutions. They not only shorten the process of drying, but also save on electricity costs. It is best to convince yourself, however, of this cheap and high-quality device.

If you are curious, you will find many more information about this product on the Internet. Relieve the washing machine in the future and leave it to dry the clothes thrower Thomas WS 776. You will certainly not regret buying it.


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