The best reviews 2017 / THOMAS WS 776 SEK INOX Washing machine

THOMAS WS 776 SEK INOX Washing machine

THOMAS WS 776 SEK INOX Washing machine


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Test report: THOMAS WS 776 SEK INOX clothes sling

The good old clothes sling is still popular. Almost everyone wonders why the laundry of the mummy or the grandma was always so nice and clean. But now this question is quite easy to answer, because the Mutti and the grandma with a good washing machine everything always nice clean get and then in such a sling the laundry for the hanging up prepared. This sling is from Thomas and she looks very good. It is also made of iron and in a corresponding look. The clothes sling itself is not difficult to use and everyone can do it quickly. The laundry has to be simply filled and it can start with the spin of the laundry. 

What about the delivery?

This sling is also delivered quickly after ordering. The user can now enjoy this sling and will also have a lot of it. For the laundry is thrown in it quite gently and then comes the water, which is taken from the laundry during the spin from the laundry also collected in a bowl. It is important, however, to place the bowl for each spin cycle. The slingshot is great and will surely also like. This makes the spin more easy and faster and better from the hand.


The site

It is important to find a good location for the slingshot. In the basement or in a laundry room is probably the best place for these slingshots. This is because the water can be collected optimally and nothing will go wrong with the operation. For such a sling can also prove to be treacherous. Especially for people who have never worked with a clothes sling, such a device is rather difficult to operate and then it can also happen that the vibrations become so strong that the device can hardly be held still. The sling is nevertheless worth buying, even if it is rather expensive.


That’s how it’s done

The laundry must be placed correctly in the sling and then simply the lid must be closed. If everything has been done, the slingshot can start. But before it is so far, a bowl should also be put under the spout. This is the only way the user can be sure that he does not get wet. This sling is great and will certainly make sense, because it hurls gently.


Conclusion guyA good sling is perfect and will be operated accordingly. This allows the user to work very well. The user will always be right with it and can only make everything good. The slingshot is needed but it can also make a lot of fun. The laundry is surely well prepared and then everything is even better with it. The user will definitely be right and make everything right.

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