The best reviews 2017 / Thomas Centri 776 SEK laundry centrifuge

Thomas Centri 776 SEK laundry centrifuge

Thomas Centri 776 SEK laundry centrifuge


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Test report: Thomas Centri 776 SEK clothes slingers

While washing clothes, people can still make mistakes. What happens when something is only to be freshly made in handwash because it is not soiled or not heavily soiled. This laundry centrifuge is perfect. The clothes slinger is also a real challenge for everyone. For such a sling can tend to move. The man who uses the slingshot should always have enough strength. Furthermore, it is important to insert the laundry correctly. This is the only way the sling can work properly. Just a few years ago, many people had such a sling in the kitchen or laundry room. This sling has always proved to be perfect and can also be quite handy. 

Where to go with the clothes sling

Anyone who wants to take such a sling into consideration should also know that it still needs tools to properly use the slingshot. There should always be a tub or bowl placed under the spout to catch the water on. This water must then also be disposed of. The sling also requires some strength and patience. Of course, the laundry can be dried perfectly. However, this must be suspended. A residual moisture will always remain, and this sling will also always prove. The laundry no longer has to hang on a lead or remain in the dryer. The sling-dried laundry is much better.


Insert the laundry

It is also important to always insert the laundry correctly. The slingshot can also not be left alone, because if the laundry is not positioned correctly, the sling may start to bounce. Then it should be issued immediately. With this spin, however, it takes only a little routine to make this work easier. The sling should always be stable. However, when it is no longer needed, it can simply be parked in a corner and will then be there safely. This sling is great and small. But the slingshot is not compact. It can be purchased perfectly to the washing machine. The laundry is reliably thrown in it.


Setting up

This sling should be placed as far as possible in the kitchen or in the laundry room. When not in use, a normal corner or small space is sufficient. The sling can be moved very easily. This allows them to be at the scene quickly. No one feels the sling as unsuitable and most know the new sling soon. The sling is easy to use and is suitable for working with it.


Very good helpers in need

In this sling everything is almost dry. The slingshot is great and does not occupy much space. If you would like to wash old-fashioned, or just want to make sure that everything is dry, should buy this sling. It is suitable for every household and is very good at it. The sling is great and the new owner is surely also liked.


Conclusion guy
With a good sling, everything makes even more joy. This clothes slinger by Thomas is a good sling that makes itself perfect. A good sling will dry the clothes perfectly. In this sling is, incidentally, enough space. The wet laundry can weigh up to 4.5 kg to be inserted into the sling. The sling is great and looks good. Nevertheless, it is also very old-fashioned. Whoever decides for the sling should also have a little understanding for it. To dry or spin laundry in this sling can be a real challenge. This sling must always be properly filled and should be stable.

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