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Thomas CENTRI 772 SEK Washing machine

Thomas CENTRI 772 SEK Washing machine


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Test report: Thomas CENTRI 772 SEK clothes sling

With the help of the advanced clothes dryer, it is possible that strength, money and time is saved. For the environment, the clothes slinger also saves energy. The Thomas Centri 772 SEK laundry centrifuge is a guarantee for economical drying. It is suitable with or without washing machine for small and large households. Particularly in the hand wash the annoying wringing is spared. Instead, the laundry can be gently spun and it is quickly dry again. The manufacturer has a simple and safe operation, the devices are proven millions of times and there is a mature safety technology. The device is Made in Germany and there is the patented one-hand safety circuit. 

Why to the clothes sling

The clothes slinger has a great appearance and this especially with the hand wash and also if something fast is needed. 2800 revolutions are reached per minute and the residual rinsing water is thus significantly reduced and the energy-consuming drying time is shortened to about one hour in the dryer. In the drying room, the drying time is thus reduced from 8 to 3.5 hours. The detergent and iron residues are thus also reduced. The fiber is thus spared, and it can prolong the life of delicate textiles and wool.

The laundry centrifuge is suitable in principle for all households, whether without or with washing machine. Drying is an ideal helper. For the small laundry between, it is the ideal household appliance. Even in the case of clothes which are not necessarily washed in the complete wash cycle inside the washing machine, or when washing hands, moisture and moisture are produced. During the washing the drying process is accelerated by the laundry and this is completely individual. Particularly when the washing machine is too slow to spin, then the clothes sling can be reworked and the laundry is thrown almost dry.


The most important data of the device Thomas Centri 772

The device has the capacity of three kilograms. There is also the reduction of the detergent residues and there is the dry time and energy saving. However, the clothes slinger is not only energy-saving, but also environmentally friendly. The device is made in Germany and the top feature is that the dry centrifuging works and this with up to 2800 revolutions per minute. This is its very good centrifugal performance. The economical and fast drying is ensured and the stainless steel drum is also rust-free.

Absolutely convincing are the simple handling and the sophisticated safety technology of the device. The unit has the loading volume of 3 kilograms, the centrifugal number of 2800 revolutions per minute, the residual moisture of 0.4, the spin cycle cotton of 3 to 5 minutes you the outlet height of 18 centimeters. The Thomas Centri 772 SEK has a power of 350 watts, the cable length is 2 meters, the weight is 9 kilograms and the color of the device is white. The connection value is 230V / 6A and the dimensions of the device are 56 centimeters in height and 35 centimeters in diameter.


Conclusion guyImportant for the Thomas Centri 772 SEK laundry centrifuge is the manufacturer’s warranty of two years. The product is produced in Germany and a laundry is achieved in the laundry centrifuge, which is reduced to 40% moisture. Effortless turns are achieved and this is also safe. With this number of revolutions, the laundry items can not be thrown in the washing machine. Time to dry is saved and the clothes sling is very high quality.

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