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Thomas 776202 Washing machine

Thomas 776202 Washing machine


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Test report: Thomas 776202 Wascheschleuder

With the help of the clothes thrower of the manufacturer Thomas there is the possibility that a clothes dryer will be replaced or at least supplemented. Directly after washing, the laundry can thus be thrown and thus the great advantage is that a large part of the clothing is removed from the moisture. Afterwards, the clothes can dry within a short time when hung on the clothes line. In addition, the laundry can also be dried when it is still in the dryer for a few minutes.The drum is made of stainless steel and the centrifugal pump from Thomas is rust-free. Thanks to the stainless steel optics, the sling is pleasant and modern looking and it is a real eye-catcher. However, the lid is made of high-impact plastic and this is very important because it can even withstand the strong centrifugal cycles absolutely. A cover ring is located between the lid and the container and this has been painted in silver. Thanks to the sealing ring, the manufacturer can guarantee the seal-free sealing and thus also prevents water from escaping. Nobody wants to have a water damage.


What is to be observed with the 776202 washer-extractor?

The clothes sling can absorb a total of 4.5 kilograms at a time. The sling is particularly suitable for clothing, which is almost daily in use and can not hang on the clothesline for days. The laundry centrifuge can be absolutely convincing by its advantages, so the outer housing is made of steel and after the drying time has been shortened, the laundry centrifuge is a substitute for a clothes dryer Can However, this smell occurs when the appliance is used regularly.


Important data about the device

The device offers anti-slip feet and the drying process can be significantly reduced by the laundry. The opening of the lid functions via the push button and the weight of the laundry slinger is about 11 kilograms. The filling capacity of the laundry centrifuge is 4.5 kilograms, the depth of the appliance is 35 centimeters, the width is 35 centimeters and the height is 66 centimeters. The washer-dryer generates 2800 revolutions per minute and the power consumption is 350 W. The residual moisture in the Thomas unit is 40 percent, there is the EInhand safety switch, the lid safety lock and the drum is made of stainless steel. The design of the appliance is free-standing and thus the laundry centrifuge can be placed wherever this is desired. Due to the stainless steel look the device is a real eye-catcher and must not be hidden. The connection value is just 350 watts, the loading works as a top loader and the device is not convertible.


Why a device from Thomas?

The company Robert Thomas is concerned with the needs of the customers and that suitable products are developed. The products are Made in Germany and the company is active internationally. All products stand for modernity and tradition. The products often achieved very good test results and also awards. Quality is guaranteed from production to a finished device.


Conclusion guy
Many people are interested in the centrifugal pump from Thomas, because the outer housing does not consist of plastic, rather than steel, instead of some. Steel offers the advantage that it looks modern and is also rust-free. The centrifugal performance of the laundry centrifuge is described as excellent and almost dry comes the laundry from the sling. While it was previously about two to three days, the laundry on the clothes dryer can be dry in just one day. Even if the slingshot smells something unpleasant at the beginning during the operation, however, this results after a few spin cycles.

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