The best steam ironing stations 2016 / Tefal GV5245 – Comparison Test

Tefal GV5245 – Comparison Test

Overall score of GOOD (2.11)

Dampfbügelstation Test 2016

4.4 of 5 stars

300 reviews

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Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (1.99)
Equipment (30%)
GOOD (2.18)
Operation / handling (40%)
GOOD (2:40)
Power (20%)
GOOD (1.60)
Amazon data (10%)

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 4 Kg
  • Power: 2200 Watt
  • Max. Steam pressure: 4.5 bar
  • Steam capacity max. permanent: 90 grams / min.
  • Steam boost: na
  • Size water tank: 1 liter
  • Length elec. Cable: 170 cm
  • Steam hose length: 170 cm
  • Heating time: 8 min.
  • Display bracket ready
  • Vertical steam ironing
  • ECO function
  • Material of the soleplate: Durilium with 3 steam zones
  • Manufacturer: Tefal
  • Operating instructions: +


  • Water Tank
  • Tank during operation refillable
  • antiscale
  • Automatic safety shutdown
category A Total Score Score / points
equipment 30% Note 1.99
Length elec. cable 170 cm  50.00
Steam hose length 170 cm  52.38
antiscale  –   00:00
ECO function  + 100.00
Total points 202.38 (400)
Operation / handling 40% Note 2:18
Weight (Kg) 4 Kg  75.00
Size water tank 1 liter  16.67
Water Tank  –   00:00
Display bracket ready  + 100.00
Tank during operation refillable   00:00
Heating time 8 Min.  23:53
Automatic safety shutdown   00:00
Vertical steam ironing 100.00
instruction manual +  55.56
Total points 370.76 (900)
power 20% Note 2:40
power 2200 Watt  45.95
Max. Steam pressure 4.5 bar  50.00
Steam capacity max. permanent 90 grams / min.  14:29
steam boost nv   9:09
Total points 119.33 (400)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.60
Amazon valuation 4.4  70.00
Total points  70.00 (100)
Properties without rating
Material of the soleplate

Tefals Dampfbügelstation GV5245 is an easy-equipped device, suitable for the ironing of textiles in private households. Here are the main features of the GV5245:

    • The entire steam station without water weighs 4 kg , the iron itself only 1 Kg .
    • On the back of the steam station can turn the unit on and off, and to a rotary knob which regulate steam strength .Three steam levels are available for this:
      • In marked green ECO section of the steam generator saves up to 20% of capacity.
      • The other two steam stages increase the steam up to a maximum of 90 grams / minute.
    • Yet located between the on / off button and the rotary knob for selecting the steam stages, a small light that the steam ready indicator serves. After adding the water, it takes 8 minutes or until this light indicates the operational readiness of GV5245,
    • The steam hose has as well as the electrical extension cable has a length of 1.70 meters . Both can be rolled untergebacht comfortably in the integrated cable compartment steam station (hence the name “Easycord”).
    • The water tank holds 1 liter of tap water, for a 50/50 blend can be used with distilled water. Important to note at this station is the fact that the water tank and boiler are not housed separately.
  • The temperature of the soleplate is as usual controlled by a knob on the iron.

Station plus steam iron

Left you see the Tefal GV 5245 station and the associated steam iron.

Total 3 setting levels are available with a maximum steam output of 90 grams of the minute.

As long as one is not operating the steam button under the handle, the Tefal GV5245 behaves like a normal iron, which works without steam. Dry ironing can be with this device including, if you will. In general, however, use it for steam ironing, and it must consider a few aspects:

    • For heating the Tefal GV5245 takes 8 minutes. As mentioned above, one should therefor the water tank with max. Have filled 1 liter of tap water, or even better with a 50/50 mixture of tap water and distilled water.
    • When the steam ready indicator light is steady, you can start ironing. The nice when Easycord system is the way that the steam cable folds back into the cord storage compartment and thus is never in the way when ironing.
    • Even ” vertical ironing ” is possible with the GV5245, though one must be careful here to always work with the maximum values of temperature and steam power, because the vertical ironing yes eliminates the function of pressing.
    • Choose according to need one of the three steam stages. In ECO mode offers a saving up to 20% steam and therefore electricity.
  • Since this unit is no automatic decalcification has, the user is responsible for it. Regular, thorough rinsing of the water boiler and cleaning the soleplate are therefore recommended.


The electric power is 2200 Watts . With an appropriate setting of temperature, steam power and ECO mode you can use this device safely deal also energy saving.

The permanent steam capacity (while holding down the steam button at the highest level of the amount of steam) is 90 grams / minute. The Tefal GV5245 bird’s. The device is characterized by simple handling. The green marked portion of the steam stage knob represents the ECO region. In this area, the power consumption by up to 20% decreases.

Tefal GV5245


Here especially the attentive user is asked because there is no automatic time-shutdown there.

Should mention positive one, however, that the EasyCord mechanism greatly reduces the risk of a “cable tangled Wars” followed by crash of the iron from the board down.

A disadvantage of this device that are not anti-Calc are and no automatic safety shutdown of other devices.

We summarize briefly the essential features of Tefal GV5245 steam generator iron together:

  • the water tank holds 1 liter,
  • the operational readiness is displayed electronically,
  • Easycord system for easy cable management,
  • vertical steam ironing possible,
  • three-stage steam control.

Here are all the information and the test score for Tefal GV5245:

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