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Tatonka H & C Stuff Thermos

Tatonka H & C Stuff Thermos


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Test report: Tatonka H & C Stuff Thermoskanne

Many people appreciate a good thermos. In the perfect thermos, the drinks can be kept warm or even hot for a very long time. The thermos by Tatonka is great and looks not only good. It makes a lot and can be filled with tea as well as coffee or simply hot water. This makes the thermoscanner really good and can be used well. This pot will prove itself, and this every day. She can be on vacation or at work. The pot offers numerous advantages and besides it can really be seen. The pot makes a lot of things and is certainly not a simple object. The jug can keep more than just the drinks. 

Perfectly packaged

The can of course comes in a safe box. Unpacking is not difficult and the jug should always be cleaned before first use. This makes the can of course also more durable. To keep everything safe and long, the pot can be filled with many beverages. These can also be cold drinks. The jug is large and offers of course a lot of useful content.However, the user of the jug should bear in mind that the jug can also remove some of the contents when the lid is screwed. But this is very low and is hardly taken seriously.



There is also a practical lid for the jug. This cover can be used to protect the jug. However, it is also possible to use this lid as a practical cup. Up to 0.75 liters of liquid can be filled in the pot itself. The jug is made of high quality stainless steel. This has a ratio of 18/8. This is more than just high-quality but perfect to use. The pot comes from the producer Tatonka and is tested here. It is extremely sturdy and will even prevent a fall. The jug has even been awarded with a test for the customers. This makes the jug really indispensable to most users. The pot will not rust and it is possible to keep everything hot.


The properties

The Tatonka jug is perfect and is suitable for the professional as well as on the road during holidays or during day trips. The jug will hold its contents well and thus prove itself again and again. With the jug is a double-walled purchased. This is provided with a large opening which allows the beverages to be easily filled. The jug is also always to be filled with anything that is to be kept hot or cold. It is a practical screw cap and this is at the same time a drip proof spout. This can certainly not be missed.


The typical properties

As mentioned above, the pot can handle up to 0.75 liters of liquid without problems. The jug is provided with many other advantages and is always appreciated by the user. This jug is great and will also meet all the needs of the user. The jug is perfect and also beautifully large and will keep the contents always well. This will make day-to-day life easier and a lot of good things can be done with it. With this jug, it is perfectly possible to do everything right and does not need any further instructions. Of course the jug must also be cleaned from time to time. This should be done by the user after every use and simply clean the jug with a bottle brush.


Conclusion guy
This jug is a great model. It will not leak and keep the content always with you. The jug is also very durable. It can also cope with one or the other stroke without problems. The jug is always perfect and will please every user. It always makes a lot of fun with the pot to keep the drink warm and then enjoy it after a certain time. The jug is perfect and is always liked. It is now much easier for the user. Also for the baby milk this pot is really perfect. It has a reasonable net capacity and will naturally prove even better. The jug is great and helpful. This is always good for such a jug. This is really indispensable.

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