The best reviews 2017 / SportPlus SP PUB 012 Pull-up bar

SportPlus SP PUB 012 Pull-up bar

SportPlus SP PUB 012 Pull-up bar


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Test report: SportPlus SP PUB 012 Klimmzugstange

An exceptional pull bar in the test

The company SportPlus is known for the production of high-quality products for the fitness area. The SP PUB 012 pull bar is no exception and is thoroughly tested in our test. SportPlus does not need its own gym. The body-shaping fitness machine can simply be hung on a stable, fixed door.

The pull bar also qualifies as a door rack and is delivered ex factory with additional safety brackets. In addition, the manufacturer praises the efficient and versatile application. The SportPlus pull bar is not only suitable for hanging on doors, but can also be used on the floor for sit-ups and lying supports due to the specific shape. In addition to its versatility, the easy installation is indicated on a door frame. It is, according to the manufacturer, no screws and drilling necessary, the pull bar sticks simply by attaching to the door frame.

We have looked more closely at the SportPlus SP PUB 012 pull bar in its functions as a door rack and as a versatile upper body. The following points and areas we have covered in our review:

– Areas
– operation
– quality and processing
– specifications


Areas of application

Since 2000 SportPlus has entered the fitness business and has been producing high quality products since then.The highlight of the fitness machine as well as many SportPlus fitness machines is the versatility to use on the road or at home. The pull bar is easy to transport and can be used as a full-weight home-racer. This home coach is not only suitable for a training type, the fitness machine can be used for several classic fitness exercises.

In addition to pull-ups, exercises such as dips, sit-ups and lying supports are also possible with the transportable home trainer. Furthermore, by the good resilience of the fitness machine, not only one-sided pull-ups are possible, but various different pull-pull exercises can be made. Muscle groups such as biceps, triceps and the chest muscles are trained according to exercise practice and unity. Furthermore, the shoulders and back are strengthened by pull-ups and the arm-shoulder-chest-back area is specifically trained. If you want to train further muscle groups as well as the entire upper body efficiently, the SportPlus SP PUB 012 can be used without any doubts.

On the floor, the pull bar is converted to the variable gripping instrument and the footrest. The utensil modified by Türreck on ground training equipment stands securely and firmly on the ground and has variable grip and holding options. Due to the different gripping possibilities, different stretcher exercises as well as dips can be carried out.The horizontal retaining rod also allows a secure attachment to the lower door frame, in order to efficiently perform crunches. Of course, in addition to crunches, further abdominal exertions are possible when the pull-up bar has been converted to the “sprouting wall”.

On the floor as a variable gripping instrument as well as as a “sprouting wall”, the fitness machine from SportPlus can be used safely by everyone. As a door rack, the pull bar can only be loaded up to a body weight of 100 kg.Professional athletes such as bodybuilders should pay attention to the weight limit.


How it works

The pull bar can be hung in a door frame without drilling and screwing. The fitness machine is intended as a doorway for doors up to a width of 80 cm and a depth of 16 cm. The door brace has several ergonomically shaped longitudinal and cross braces with variable holding and grip options. A thick cross brace with bracket is intended for the door frame and is simply attached to the door frame at the top. The pull bar is self-supporting and can withstand up to 100 kg of body weight.

As a ground fitness machine, it is simply and quickly set up and is immediately ready for use. Due to the variable selection of grip possibilities, the fitness machine can be used for many exercises such as dips and lying supports.

If the door rack is attached to the floor of the door, it serves as a “rung wall” for crunches or other upper body defining exercises.


Quality and workmanship

The SportPlus SP PUB 012 pull bar is made of high quality, hard metal and is very sturdy. The individual struts are very well processed and fastened with screws and nuts. The basic stand is in black and has several red-black handles. The halter grips are made of foam material and pleasant to touch. The foam material used for the fitness area does not allow the hands to sweat and prevent slipping during training.


Technical specifications

The fitness machine is particularly light with a total weight of 3.3 kg. Thanks to the small dimensions of 98 x 17 x 40 cm, it can be stored quickly and easily.


Conclusion guy
The Heimtrainer from SportPlus is far more than a simple pull bar. With this Heimtrainer, you get a multifunction device in the house.

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