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Test report: Speed Rope Springseil

The fact that rope jumping is fun, we all know since elementary school. But the fact that rope jumping is also the fat killer par excellence and you can burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes, least know. For effective workout at home or in nature you only need sportswear, stable sports shoes and a jump rope like the Speed Rope from Master of Muscle.

The Speed Rope – variety in the training day

In the crossfit scene, the Speed Rope is no longer an insider’s tip, its versatile applications make it one of the most popular tools for cardio workout. Whether you are doing fitness training, boxing or bodybuilding, the Speed Rope is a faithful and effective training partner on the way to optimum fitness. His nickname “Double Underwunder” is always the mastermind of the Master of Muscle. Especially for beginners who want to learn this basic crossfit exercise, the Speed Rope is the ultimate beginner model. But also experienced crossfitter appreciate the qualities of the product.


Speed Rope – the Ferrari among the jump ropes

The rope, also known as WOD Whipper, impresses with the excellent processing and the quality of the processed materials. Unlike comparable leather or PVC cables the Speed Rope is made of wire and has a 90 ° vertical swivel joint, which brings many advantages:

* The jump rope is much more resistant than conventional ropes, so it can also be in the great outdoors be used.
* It is easy to clean and guarantees a fast rotation, which is essential for running the double under.
* The cable of the wire and the joint prevent the rope from tangling during jumping.
* Made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), this jump rope is well protected against wear and is therefore particularly durable.

The manufacturer is so convinced of his device that he gives a lifetime warranty on the product. This means in the plain text: Should the Speed Rope once again fail or not function properly, the manufacturer Master of Muscle swap the jump rope free of charge.


Best customer service and great extras

Crucial for effective training is proper length of the rope. The Speed Rope is delivered in a total length of approx. 2.75 m. The cable can be permanently shortened by means of a bolt cutter. If you are looking for a less permanent solution, the protruding ends of the rope can also be knotted with armor tape on the rest of the part. A specially supplied manual describes the possibilities of shortening in detail. The WOD Whipper’s all-round service package also includes a handy transport bag that allows you to take the Speed Rope anywhere. Although this is a nice gimmick, it would not be necessary, as the jump rope is so light and handy that it can be carried comfortably into a backpack, sports bag or handbag. So you have the Speed Rope always handy, whether for the lunch break or the workout between two lectures.


Conclusion guy
The Speed Rope is the ideal training device for anyone who wants to burn concentrated calories quickly. The processed materials are of high quality and guarantee a long lifespan of the ropes. In the event of problems, the customer service proves to be exceptionally tender and friendly, so that even in an emergency, rapid remedial action can be taken. The Speed Rope therefore receives an absolute purchase recommendation.

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