The best snow blowers 2016 / Snowblower test 2015/2016 comparison

Snowblower test 2015/2016 comparison

Snowblower test 2015/2016 the winner compared

The best snowblowers 2015/2016 from our test

The snowblowers test is divided into 3 categories:

  • Electric snowblowers Test
  • Gasoline snowblowers Test
  • Senior snowblowers Test

Electric snowblowers Test 2015

01. Rotenbach electric snowblower
Electric snowblower Test
electric snowblower winner: Here is a combination of snow thrower, sweeper and snow shovel with 2,000 watts of power and a 190 ° angle of rotation, which facilitates with LED front lighting and separately adjustable tilt angle to the caretaker and homeowners in the early winter morning the rooms , The clearing width of 510 mm and weight of 17.6 kg (dimensions 80 x 50 x 95 cm) speaks for more private use. The throwing distance is 1-9 m, which ejection height 0-5 meters. To test ► Rotenbach snowblower ►

Gasoline snowblowers Test 2015

01. Hecht 9036 snowblower
Hecht snowblower Test
Petrol snowblower winner: The pike snowblower 9036 has an engine output of 3,5PS. a clearing width of 36cm and an ejection angle of 190 °. The snow blower has a ceiling height of 25cm. The milling system can be on and off separately. The snowblower weighs 23kg and developed a noise level of 91,7db (A). A value-for-bangers and the best-selling small gasoline snowblowers. The best alternative to the Rotenbach electric snowblower. To test ► Hecht 9036 snowblower►

02. Holzinger comfort HSF-65-2

Holzinger snowblowers TestPetrol snowblower Course 2: The Holzinger snow thrower has a 6,5PS motor and can be started with an electric starter, a 12 volt battery or a cable. The snow thrower has a working headlight and admits effortlessly snow with a ceiling height of 51cm and a clearing width of 62cm out of the way. The area capacity is 1700m³ and snow will be thrown up to 15m. With the power these snowblower suitable for commercial use. A very high performance, combined with a very good price-performance ratio! The snow thrower is their money more than worth it. A strong buy recommendation.

To test ►Holzinger comfort HSF-65-2

03. SANTOS gasoline Snowblower 6,5 HP
Petrol snowblower Test
Petrol snowblower Place 3: The machine with electric start, self-drive and control panel, model 2013 Edition brings a worklight with and may include an area of 1,700 m² / h free of snow, it is a super robust snowblower for professional use. It is characterized by the excellent starting performance and can the user convince the comfort of a far translated gear (total of 7 courses). The snow blower has a ceiling height of 51cm, a clearing width of 56cm and can throw snow up to 15 meters wide. To test ► SANTOS Petrol snowblower

04. SANTOS Petrol snowblower SG 70
Snowblower Test 2014
snowblower Testplace 4: Again, the winter motor receives an e-start, along with the two-stage drive to make substantial surfaces and starts even at -25 ° C without any problems. Switches and levers are designed so that they can be operated with gloves, also the snowblower brings special tires for the special grip with (profile depth: 14 mm). This is undoubtedly a device for extreme applications.These snowblower has a ceiling height of 51cm, a clearing width of 56cm and throws the snow out 12-15m wide.
To test ► SANTOS SG 70

Senior snowblowers Test 2015

01. Holzinger HSF-110 (LE) track drive snowblower
Holzinger snowblower Test
professional snowblower 1: The Holzinger Petrol snowblower HSF-110 (LE) is equipped with electric start, a track drive and light, it has a clearing width of 70cm, a ceiling height of 54.5 cm and can throw up to 15 m wide snow. The strong gasoline four-stroke engine with 11 horsepower and an efficient milling system and the 15 Watt Worklight efficiently support the high performance of this snowblower. Alternatively, the caterpillar drive, there is this snow thrower with a Wheel. For a professional cutter a very good price-performance ratio. To test ► Holzinger HSF-110 (LE)02. Denqbar DQ 0199 track drive snowblower The DQ Denqbar-0199 is a professional snow thrower with a 15 hp (11 kW) petrol engine with electric start, hand warmers, track drive and light, which has a clearing width of 76 cm. The ceiling height of 55cm and can throw snow up to 15 meters wide. The snow thrower was awarded by the trade magazine “Handyman practice” in issue 03/2014 with the overall grade “very good” and in issue 06/2013 with the overall grade of “good” (1.6). After the severe winter 2013/2014 has manufacturers Denqbar again reworked and now managed that the editors of this publication, the beautiful and powerful snowblower now for “Tool of the Year” voted. To test ► Denqbar DQ 0199


Which snowblower is suitable for which application?


There are also purely manually operated snowblowers for small application on your doorstep, something more than the mere afford snow shovel. Whoever pleads for Motor snowblower, has the choice between electric and petrol motors.

Electric snowblowers

The Electric snowblowers are cheaper, there are already devices for 100 Euro.However, the engine power falls from relatively weak, heavy and icy snow, making it hardly rid. The snow depth must not be too high, 30 to 40 centimeters are considered border. When an electric snow blower with battery operated, there may be problems at very cold temperatures. An electrical cable in turn, could become security problems.

Nevertheless, electric snowblowers for smaller applications have their merits, wired jump also virtually foolproof by the ease and compact shape. Moreover, they are quietly: Who does not want necessarily to mill out of bed his neighbors, decides as homeowners for cheap electric model. Click here for the electric snowblowers winner .

Hybrid snowblowers

Hybrid models use both types of engine, the gasoline engine drives the blower, an electric motor drive the crawler. This increases the clearing capacity. These devices are quieter than pure gasoline, but very expensive. They are suitable for professional use, for example, from municipal institutions or business entities.

Gasoline snowblowers

Pure gasoline vary in performance very strong, and there is it in one- and two-stage versions. The single-stage gasoline snow thrower starts to snow and throws it out the same operation. Smaller places are swept free of snow, it may not be too much snow only. The powerful two-stage variant takes the first step, the snow on a toothed snail on, carried him through the discharge chute, where it is crushed again, and then throws it away by fan in a high arc. Since these heavier snowblowers run on skids or crawler, patches of snow remain. For swept clean rooms must be reworked by hand. However much snow courses are otherwise hardly free of snow. Click here for the gasoline snowblowers winner .

Snowblowers operation

What to consider when buying a snow blower?

The type of use, especially the possible snow depth and volume determines the type of snowblower. Homeowners have little choice, they will opt for the quiet electric snowblower. Traders with large areas need to select the gasoline model, the best two-step “heavy” variant. In many cases, intermediate solutions are used as the single-stage gasoline used.

Snowblowers manufacturers

are the companies Santos, Honda, Rotenbach, Güde, Texas, pike, Einhell and Holzinger.

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