The best snow blowers 2016 / Snowblower test 2015/2016 comparison

Snowblower test 2015/2016 comparison

SANTOS 6,5 HP Petrol snowblower Test

SANTOS Petrol snowblowerThe SANTOS gasoline snow thrower model 2013 Edition provides 6.5 hp hp and has an electric start, a powerful wheel drive and a separate control panel. The test showed that the gasoline SANTOS snowblower proves very powerful friend on cold and snowy winter days.

Snowblower properties

    1. Snow removal
    2. handling
    3. Pros and Cons Product Reviews
    4. Technical details
    5. Conclusion


Snow removal: SANTOS Petrol snowblower

This snowblower Edition Snowrider Model 2013 6.5 hp, Wheel and electric start was our test with her work lights, the additional manual start and the enormous area output of 1,700 m² / h more than convincing. SANTOS has the snowblower a widely translated transmission and no fewer than seven courses imparted so that the feed works absolutely perfect every time. The couplings can be switched independently, so extreme snow conditions are no longer a problem. These arise solely by the Wall, to press the snowplows the city administration on the sidewalks and through which then must pass milling homeowners and caretaker. The SANTOS gasoline snow thrower and her strong 6.5 PS they finally have the right device for this. This is also helped the performance features in as the automatic stop, rotatable by 190 ° discharge chute, the working width of 560 mm, and not least the working level of at least 510 mm.

Handling of SANTOS Petrol snowblower

The snow thrower is required by their strong winter tire snow chains and scores in practical use with its excellent traction. We liked regarding the handling of superlight start, followed by the raw power at extremely low consumption.Similarly SANTOS Petrol snowblower boasts a very stable construction. It is a super robust snowblower, which offers a first-class start-up behavior, and thus the operator gives a very good feeling when he has to start the snowblower in clanking Frost at night dark time.

Pros and Cons Product Reviews: SANTOS Petrol snowblower

Cons for SANTOS Petrol snowblower were hard to find here the most important Product Reviews:

  • Pro: extremely powerful, never fails, always starts, also creates thick ice
  • Cons: of course not quiet


Technical details of SANTOS Petrol snowblower

  • Power: 6.5 hp
  • Engine: OHV 4-stroke gasoline
  • Area performance: 1700 m² / h
  • Ejector pipe: horizontal 190 °
  • automatic stopping device
  • Impeller diameter: 300 mm
  • Seat height: 510 mm
  • Working Width: 560 mm
  • Throwing distance: max. 15 m
  • 86 kg
  • 4.10-6 NHS winter tires

Conclusion: SANTOS Petrol snowblower

The 98 x 63 x 79 cm not for large snowblower does with her Wheel on special tires and adjustable throw distance up to 15 m, the five forward and two reverse gears and the independent clutch for milling and wheels so much that no winter disaster becomes. It is a device for slightly larger applications, but also homeowners with plenty of space are likely to be very satisfied.

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