The best reviews 2017 / Skandika Studio Pro 700 Vibration Strainer

Skandika Studio Pro 700 Vibration Strainer

Skandika Studio Pro 700 Vibration Strainer


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Test report: Skandika Studio Pro 700 Vibrationstrainer

The Vibration Plate 700 from Skandika Studio is an electrically powered vibrating plate which, by biomechanical vibrations, strengthens and activates the lower musculature. The fitness machine was subjected to a detailed test.


Exercises and effects

The exercises with the vibrating plate are very simple. Just place on the training surface of the device and the biomechanical vibrations activate the reflexes. Older people can also train optimally with the device, since the burden on the cardiovascular system is low. The muscles or the neuromuscular system is trained as well as the blood circulation is improved, the nervous system becomes more durable and the metabolism is promoted. The test showed that a regular training with the vibration plate significantly improves mobility.


Advantages of the Vibration Plate

The black Skandika Studio Vibration Plate 700 requires only a small amount of time to feel good and relaxed. The device can be stored in its own four walls saving space, so you can save money for a fitness center. The vibration plate is also suitable for young and old. The fitness device has a preventive effect, as well as a therapeutic effect and helps for example in sports injuries or muscle distortions.


Powerful vibrating device

In the test, the Vibration Plate Pro 700 convinced with the two powerful 300 Watt and 500 Watt motors, which make a lot of training exercises possible. With the 3-in-1 vibrating device you can choose between vertically vibrating movements and side-alternating movements. It is also possible to use both forms of movement with one another.The fitness machine can be loaded with a weight up to a maximum of 150 kilograms. The 32 kg Skandika Studio Vibration Plate provides strength, stretching, massage and relaxation. The training computer is equipped with three bright LED displays. Two control units, as well as fifty
adjustable speed settings and five programs to optimize your workout make training at home easy. The large footprint allows a secure stability during training. In addition, there is an anti-slip coating which provides additional security.


Perfect technology enhances well-being

This perfect fitness machine has compact dimensions of 730 x 700 x 1450 millimeters and with the help of the extensive German operating instructions, numerous exercises can be carried out in order to use the device effectively. The delivery includes pulling straps that make the training success perfect. The vibration plate 700 was very easy to operate in the test. In addition, the eight pedestals proved to be very advantageous. The two stable handrails were another plus in the test.


Vibrations that help quickly

The plate operates at a high frequency range of 30 to 56 hertz. The vibrations are transferred to the whole body and the muscles contract and then relax again. This vibrating plate is becoming increasingly popular in the rehabilitation sector, which improves the mobility and co-ordination ability of young and old people as well as increases the blood circulation. Exercising exercises, such as squats or lying supports, quickly lead to the desired success and with a very short training time.


The studio at home

The test showed that the users of the vibrating plate 700 are thrilled throughout, as one saves the walk to the fitness center and also saves the associated costs. This unit offers studio quality and is equipped with many functions. In addition, the training effects are positively positive. Also the volume of the unit is very quiet and the number and type of the preset speed levels and training programs meets all needs. In addition, all the users felt much better after the workout and had a more relaxed musculature.


Conclusion guy
The Skandika Studio Pro 700 Vibrationstrainer convinces at first sight.Visually, the fitness machine is an elegant eye-catcher and the performance is also thrilled. The effect with regular training is sensational and improves the mobility. The muscles are relaxed and relaxed and you feel completely comfortable. This vibration plate is a good investment.

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