The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Siemens VSZ31455 in Test

Siemens VSZ31455 in Test

Siemens VSZ31455 Bodenstaubsauger

Siemens VSZ31455 the test: Read our recent review of the Siemens VSZ31455 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Siemens VSZ31455 – Review

The Siemens VSZ31455 is a traditional bag vacuum cleaner while our test winner. It consumes little power, the suction power is unmatched and also on all remaining criteria he plays in the test was to lead the. For around 120 euros you will find a brand vacuum cleaner which leaves no wish unfulfilled.

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Siemens is in the field of manufacturers of household appliances in Germany for decades a fixture. So also tested here Bodenstaubsauger VSZ31455 is proudly“Made in Germany” advertised. Sure there are now many other countries make the electrical equipment with the highest standards, yet the certainty is likely to keep a German unit in hands giving many a good feeling. The VSZ31455 is with a maximum power of1,400 watts very economical and already meet future energy regulations of the EU. It is fortunately long gone so that more watts can be equated with better suction. Nevertheless, we want to check the test whether the suction force can compete with the other devices, with many more watts.


In the heart of VSZ31455 plugged a round 4-liter bag, the classically captures the dirt and the air filters. In addition, a is HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) installed which cleans the exhaust before it leaves and so prevents the vacuum cleaner blows dust into the air. The filter is actually washable, but still should be replaced once about a year, since the filtering effect otherwise decreases significantly. Also for the vacuum cleaner bag incurred regularly costs, hygiene and health benefits but it in any case. The package includes, incidentally, only one bag and a filter, where Siemens could calm some may settle to reserve. As for the follow-up costs, the cost HEPA hygiene filter around 5 euros each, the bags are in the pack of 20 for about 12 euros. All in all covered the running costs so moderate .

Where Siemens has saved for replacement filters, it has certainly padded the remaining accessories. Overall VSZ31455 comes with 7 different attachable therefore. Besides, between carpets and hard floors, switchable floor nozzle, upholstery nozzle, two, two joint nozzle, a Mattress, and a drilling nozzle are included. The latter is to vacuum the dust obtained in boreholes, directly during drilling. Weighing 4.3 kg and a radius of about 10 meters isVSZ31455 extremely agile . By the way this also contributes to the additional handle on the hose end. The first is unusual, but after a short time you do not want to miss it, because it allows the movement much effortless. The suction power can be adjusted directly on the device with a dial continuously.

Test Result – a complete success

As for the processing, Siemens complies with the VSZ31455 actually all expectations that are automatically woken with the seal “Made in Germany”. Everything is thought out and the used materials make all a high-quality impression . Nevertheless, the device is not heavy and cumbersome, but still easily follow the cleaning directions.Thanks to the center of gravity wisely chosen, the deep VSZ31455 shall also almost never on the back, if he stays, for example times depend on a corner. On a button for retractable cord Siemens has unfortunately omitted, the function is activated instead a short train on the cable. In theory, super, in practice, the collection is started but sometimes unintentionally.

The suction power is phenomenal. Despite the economical power consumption of 1,400 watts of VSZ31455 gets going like no other vacuum cleaner. That might be due to the new engine technology that has increased the efficiency, among other things thanks to aerodynamic improvements. Unfortunately, the volume produced can certainly compete with the suction, it is at 100% power to quite loud. In fact, really rich in everyday life but 60% or 70% suction slack off, because at full strength carpets are regularly raised and the nozzle sucks tight. At slightly reduced performance of the vacuum cleaner is then also pleasantly quiet .

The exhaust air is blown vertically upward and is thanks to the HEPA filter cool and very clean . Especially allergy sufferers can breathe here and so is the bag change. While bagless devices often small dust clouds can occur when emptying, it is here absolutely clean and simple by equip.

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Test result – the best with bag

If you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner in the 100 Euro class, they come at Siemens VSZ31455 hardly avoid. It is reliable, extremely processed absorbent and great. It shows in the test no weaknesses and is also suitable for larger homes. The test winner!

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