The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Siemens VSQ4GP1264 in Test

Siemens VSQ4GP1264 in Test

Siemens VSQ4GP1264 Vacuums

Siemens VSQ4GP1264 the test: Read our recent review of the Siemens VSQ4GP1264 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Siemens VSQ4GP1264 Q 4.0 – Review


The Siemens VSQ4GP1264 proves in the test as a true premium vacuum cleaner. Read here why he. Despite narrow features and some minor weaknesses in terms of operation, still massively accumulated points and receives an excellent rating

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Siemens – Green Power Allergy

The Siemens VSQ4GP1264 Q 4.0 (as if that was not long enough) carries the additional words “GreenPower Allergy” in the name. That is on the one hand emphasize the energy efficiency of the vacuum cleaner, the other hand also to point out that the VSQ4GP1264 is also suitable and particularly for allergy sufferers. While the engine receives just 1,200 Watts in the lead, is an Ultra Hepa filters of class 14ensure that as little as possible again go from the sucked particles level with the exhaust air to the outside. When Hepa filter class 14 more than 99.995% of the particles are stopped by the filter by definition. With a price of around 120 euros is the VSQ4GP1264 one of the best vacuum cleaners that have this feature. We want to examine the test so if he can not convince so only on paper but also in practice and how it is reflected in each category compared to the competition.


The Siemens-developed engine technology ” Compressor Technology ” can be found inside the VSQ4GP1264 and to ensure that the low engine power of 1,200 watts nevertheless provides sufficient suction force. This is also still a slider on the device itself, infinitely adjustable. In addition, much attention was paid to the development of noise and both the air duct, as well as the engine itself has been optimized in this respect. The empty weight of Siemens is specified with 4.7 kg, and not exceptionally difficult for a vacuum cleaner in its class. The range is 10 meters and to use filter bags hold 5 liters. Thus the VSQ4GP1264 should certainly cope well even in larger rooms.

In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself are included an upholstery and a crevice tool. Unfortunately, these have no place in the interior of the housing as the other models of Siemens certainly been the case. Instead, a holder on the telescopic tube is mounted, which is intended to accommodate the extra nozzles. The Standardbodendüse suitable switched and for carpets and hard floors alike. A filter change indicator on the device will inform you when it is time to replace the bag and the already known from other models Extra handle at the end of quite thick hose to make handling easier. The matching MegaAir SuperTex filter bag way cost around 2 euros per piece and since only one is included, it is recommended that a package directly with the indenture.

Test Result – no lightweight

How it is now used even by other Siemens vacuum cleaners in the price range, Also the proven processing of VSQ4GP1264 managed as consistently . All buttons and switches make a stable impression and can be safely operated with the foot. The hose and the telescopic tube have a fairly large diameter and act, as well as the connections between them, high quality and long lasting. The floor nozzle does not fall here out of the frame, but this is almost a bit too heavy fall. Especially for more delicate people lifting and moving is likely to be quite stressful.

The powerful suction of Siemens VSQ4GP1264 surprise in view of the low power consumption and above all to the low setting. The engine output may be reduced in everyday operation without problems on 50% and still all dirt particles from hard floors are added. Also on carpets convinced the Siemens already reduced power and he is really one of the quietest vacuum cleaner ever. Even at the lowest level it absorbs almost all of the particles and in the adjustment of the air flow in the floor nozzle then is actually louder than the motor itself.

During the thick tube and the heavy floor nozzle require quite some force, the VSQ4GP1264 proves despite its almost 5 kg as very smooth and agile in the test. He succeeds without problems through the apartment, smaller paragraphs accepts without institutions and the automatic cable rewind works perfectly. In his element but the Siemens is it really, if you look at the purity of the air closer. The is not only cool, but also smells pleasant and clean.

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Test result – coherent package

If you are looking for a low-power vacuum cleaner and possibly allergenic live elsewhere, the Siemens VSQ4GP1264 is the first choice. For a very reasonable price of around 120 euros you get here a vacuum cleaner of the highest class. However, it requires some strength in handling and an equipment miracle he is not well.

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