The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Siemens VS06G2410 in Test

Siemens VS06G2410 in Test

Siemens VS06G2410 Bodenstaubsauger

Siemens VS06G2410 the test: Read our recent review of the Siemens VS06G2410 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Siemens VS06G2410 – Review

When Siemens VS06G2410 is not just around the latest model, although it would have been enough by a hair to the test victory. Only the relatively high power consumption and the lack of HEPA filters fall here on true negative. That apart, Siemens is still a top vacuum cleaner.

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The German company Siemens in the field of vacuum cleaner for many years a very wide range of products.Already in the middle class, so in the price range between 80 and 200 euros, there are over 10 different models. The VS06G2410 has now been several years under his belt, but is nevertheless still one of the best-selling vacuum cleaner in Germany . That this is not the newest model, can be seen already in the thick wattage. 2,400 Watt takes the unit to a maximum and as an EU regulation limits the power in the future to 1,600 watts, and the VS06G2410 will eventually disappear from the market. Nevertheless, he is not one for a long time on the scrap heap, because he is still one of the most popular vacuum cleaner. In our test, we want to examine why he has the makings of a classic, and if he still can compete with the newer competitors.


The Siemens VS06G2410 is a very classic vacuum cleaner which collects the vacuumed dirt into a filter bag and the exhaust before discharging through a microfilter additionally purified. Micro filters are not quite as good as HEPA filters, which often are used in more expensive devices. While HEPA filters particles reside since a size of some 0.3 microns, Micro filters can normally happen under 2 microns. For normal home use makes little difference, only allergies should better rely on a HEPA filter. There are vacuum cleaners that are equipped with such a filter, but the VS06G2410 can thus also be easily retrofitted. The filtered air is blown by the way straight up, so that, where possible surrounding dust is stirred.

The volume of the right vacuum cleaner bag is 4 liters and the cable length of 7 meters ensures a comfortableoperating radius of around 10 meters . The price includes besides the Standardbodendüse, only 2 attachable – a medium-long crevice tool and upholstery nozzle. Replacement bags or filters must also be purchased separately, as the VS06G2410 is supplied with only one. The suction force can be continuously via a rotary knob to adjust itself to the device. Also known by other Siemens models Ergo handle facilitates operation tremendously and protects the wrists. The retractable cord is not like other devices by pressing a button activated, but starts automatically after a short pull on the cord. The 4.7 kg of VS06G2410 rest on 3 castors, which should ensure optimal mobility.

Test Result – old but good

The relatively low weight of the vacuum cleaner makes the test directly in the handling noticeable. Together with the smooth rollers of VS06G2410 proves very maneuverable , follows without any lag and tilts only in exceptional circumstances. Even the cable unrolls without great effort and does so hardly noticeable. The buttonless cable rewind usually works without problems and seldom times not anyway you want. The replacement of a full bag is also designed to very simple and straightforward.

Processing also provides little room for criticism. The plastic used is light but acts nevertheless stable. It has certainly not feel that you would have to touch the device with kid gloves. However, the case is quite prone to scratches . Of course, hardly influenced the life, seems, though quickly unpleasant.

The suction power is the actual parade discipline of Siemens VS06G2410. Visible dirt, he gets almost always the first contact and also from apparently clean carpets he brings usually something out. Also animal hair, where weaker vacuum cleaners often have to throw in the towel be easily detected and removed. The brute power has only the small drawback that the vacuum cleaner at full power is quite noisy. Indeed really enough in everyday life but from a significantly reduced performance. The biggest disadvantage of VS06G2410 should then also the rather high power consumption be with a power consumption of 2,400 watts. More modern competitors get a similar suction out with much lower consumption.

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Test result – still a really good vacuum cleaner

The Siemens VS06G2410 is hardly worse than the winner of the same house, while around 30 euros cheaper. Only the high power consumption and the somewhat weaker filter speak against VS06G2410.

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