The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Siemens VS06B112A in Test

Siemens VS06B112A in Test

Siemens VS06B112A Bodenstaubsauger

Siemens VS06B112A the test: Read our recent review of the Siemens VS06B112A and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Siemens VS06B112A – Review

By VS06B112A Siemens provides a low-power vacuum cleaner with convincing suction performance and practical features. it is for the house of a farmer probably undersized for the typical single budget but perfect!

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At Siemens, we have now more than 30 different vacuum cleaner on offer, most of them in the so-called “compact”. Here you will find the somewhat less expensive models that are suitable according to Siemens ideal for small apartments and once weekly vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner in the “upper middle class” and the “premium class” are, but something suitable or more expensive for larger apartments and challenges in comparison. The tested here VS06B112A with a suggested retail price of just under 140 euros one of the best vacuum cleaner in the compact class . The actual selling price is around 70-80 euros course again significantly lower. For a brand vacuum cleaner which also can decorate with the label “Made in Germany”, which is a real bargain price. We want to examine the test So what is it about the small Siemens.


The eponymous product category from Siemens is the VS06B112A actually program. With a curb weight of only 4.7 kg (without the included by components) of the vacuum cleaner is really nice and light . And also the engine power appears at first sight almost too “compact”. Only 700 Watt suction pulls the out of the socket, so that it not only meets the current EU directive, which maximum of 1,600 watts allowed since 2014 but below provides directly the target for 2017. From then equipment may only be sold, the 900 Watt or less absorb. That little Watt not automatically means little suction, is known now for some time, but 700 watts is then but an announcement.Siemens advertises that the generated suction power with a 2200 Watt appliance comparable is. Such comparisons are of course difficult, but so much can be revealed: We were surprised at the test, which is now possible with 700 watts.

The VS06B112A relies on vacuum cleaner bag, but at least up to 4 liters can and thus promise a long service life.Supplied with a bag is only included, more will have to be bought if required. The cable is dimensioned quite generously with a length of 7 meters and allows a range of motion of about 9 meters . Besides the obligatory, switchable floor nozzle three other essays are included in the price. An especially easy hard floor and a small crevice and upholstery.

Test Result – no status symbol

The offered materials and workmanship quality are quite neat, can shine of Siemens in the area but not really.During the relatively thick and sturdy hose as good an impression leaves as easily adjustable telescopic tube, the housing and especially the plastic used to fall back slightly. Especially in combination with the low weight of the vacuum cleaner acts unfortunately something cheap, even if the course is not necessarily a must testify about the durability. The various brushes are only plugged and there is no mechanism that allows them to engage. We were pleasantly surprised, however, the flat cable used , which is a noticeably smaller obstacle to the roles of VS06B112A than the conventional round cable.

The cable can of course Siemens automatically wrap and without a corresponding button. Here, make a quick train to the cable and it slides reliably back into the device. When it comes to handling the VS06B112A then also scores with the already mentioned above weight advantage. So can be easily cleaned, for example, steps, without the action degenerates into strength training. The large bag and the practical filter change indicator dropped in the test. If a replacement sometime but then due, that’s just a matter of a few simple steps.

The suction can not regulate directly on the handle, but by using a dial on the device itself. The is also the only button of VS06B112A and serves as on / off switch. Now finally a word about the power, because the surprising given the low power consumption well. On hard floors such as laminate or tiles usually sufficient even a significantly reduced capacity to any loose dirt particles suck. In the setting of Siemens VS06B112A is then alsoso quiet like no other vacuum cleaner . At full strength, he is of course a little louder, but it never uncomfortable or even annoying. On Carpet he convinced also, until right problem cases, it will then close. In hard-packed animal hair for instance, or on deep-pile carpets of Siemens passes quickly reaches its limits. For such cases, there are also special vacuum cleaner that just also are significantly more expensive generally than the Siemens VS06B112A.

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Test Conclusion – great value

The Siemens VS06B112A is despite minor shortcomings in the field of optics and materials used a really good vacuum cleaner. Not least thanks to the very fair price of partially well below 80 euros, it can be recommended for smaller apartments without limitation.

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