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Siemens IQ800 WM14Y54D – Comparison Test

The Siemens iQ 800 presents itself as a full-automatic washing machine with a front loader and numerous controls.

  • The maximum spin speed is 1400 rpm. Depending on requirements, a lower spin speed can be selected as desired, for example, in some curtain fabrics or other sensitive materials.
  • The iQ 800 is a load sensor equipped. With this degree of loading the washing machine is determined automatically and you will be informed about the charge status indicator on how much detergent you need. This brings the advantage that you do not use more detergent than necessary, which in turn saves costs and protects the environment.
  • With the integrated Start time delay to determine the time within a 24 hour time indicate when the machine is to start with the washing process. This is particularly advantageous when the cost of electricity at night is lower than during the day and you would therefore stay awake or are away from home.If your neighbors do not want to wake up, but in the morning to leave the house early, then you can set this on the evening Siemens IQ800 previously on a time the next day. At the specified time the machine starts automatically in operation.
  • With the automatic load you achieve an accurate dosage of the water. This control is performed electronically. The capacity of the wash load is automatically calculated and inserted if the required amount of water in connection with the desired wash program.This feature lets you noticeably save water as only as much water flows, as is actually required for the washing amount and the respective washing program. Moreover, in the automatic load and the number of rinses is determined.
  • A remaining time display counts at each wash the remaining time until this is finished. In order to adapt to the duration of the wash load exactly if you can not hear the tone at the end of the washing process. In addition, offers the remaining time display, the ability to select a different program before the start that washes longer and more intense or shorter depending on the degree.
  • A user manual is supplied with the device. It is written among others in German and explained in easily understandable steps all functions and how to handle the washing machine for the different claim.

Front loaders Siemens IQ800

The Front Core Machine from Siemens IQ800 can be loaded with up to 8 Kg Laundry.

The device has the highest energy efficiency class (A +++).

The iQ 800 has a Parental Control . Do you have this enabled, lock so the buttons and rotary movements of the program selection knob. The consequence is that no setting changes can be made accidentally during operation. It is always advisable to keep on the child lock, so that outside the farm, children can not play with the buttons and knobs and possibly cause damage.

In addition to the blocking of the controls by the Parental Control, also is door locked . This prevents children can not play with the drum or even go into the washing machine and remove the washing at a particular delay start or add other items, while the washing machine is not in operation.

With the balance control imbalance during spin dryers is balanced, as may occur with large and heavy amounts of laundry.About an engine speed signal a possible imbalance is recorded and collected by initially lower spin speeds so until the wash is optimally loosened and distributed in the drum. Is the imbalance corrected, the response set spin speed.

These safety features prevent irregular beating of the drum, which can not only move the washing machine in an uncontrolled manner, but can also damage the casing and the drum-hangers.

Security is also available with the Aquastop function . If for some reason there are no damages or leak in the water inlet hose, the Aqua Stop immediately reacts with the aid of a safety valve by stopping the water supply.

This safety valve is located near the faucet. For any leaks occurring behind the safety valve to the washing machines input, the AquaStop reliably prevents water damage and flooding.

Here it is advisable to regularly check the functionality of the safety valve. You only need to take the machine into operation and solve the water inlet hose while the water supply. Within a few seconds, the safety valve of the Aquastop function should stop the water supply.

  • The Siemens iQ 800 washing machine has the energy efficiency class A +++ . This makes it one of the most energy-efficient washing machines that are available on the market. It has an annual electricity consumption of 189 kilowatt hours.
  • The annual water consumption is 10 500 liters at normal output.
  • With respect to the spin efficiency Siemens iQ 800 (model WM14Y54D) is placed in a class B.
  • With airborne acoustical noise emissions during washing by 49 decibels (A) and 71 dB (A) during spinning, it is whisper quiet when compared to equivalent washing machines from other manufacturers.
  • In the calculation of averages shows a residual moisture content of 52%.
  • It has a large capacity of 8 kg and can be loaded accordingly. Thus, this device is also suitable for a multi-member household.It is recommended, however, to take the load capacity is not fully utilized, particularly since more air space has a positive effect for very soiled laundry on the cleaning result.


A total of 11 programs to choose from, to 3 additional functions to be added. One of these is the anti stain system , developed by Siemens specifically for the 16 most stubborn stains.

The special washing program super15 is suitable for smaller quantities of clothes with slightly soiled laundry. It shortens the rinsing and spinning process, so that the laundry is cleaned in just 15 minutes. Especially for athletes who need to wash their only lightly soiled clothing often, the program is ideal.

Should you on the Siemens Home Connect app feature, see the Easy Start function. This makes it easier to program selection.For this, you ask for textile art and textile color linen are provided and then accepts the Easy Start function the appropriate program setting. After a confirmation directly, the start of the washing program.
Operating panel Siemens IQ800

The control panel of the IQ800 is clearly designed and has a knob, various function keys and an LCD display.

The display information about the running wash program and the remaining time are displayed.

The Siemens IQ800 washes particularly engergiesparsam and noise . It is ideal with its large washing drum for multi-person households.

We can recommend this machine fully!

We summarize briefly the essential characteristics of Siemens washing machine IQ800 together:

  • Energy efficiency class A +++
  • 11 wash programs
  • 3 Additional Functions
  • to 8 Kg load
  • childlock
  • balance control
  • loading sensor

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