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Scheppach HL 1200 wood splitter

Scheppach HL 1200 wood splitter


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Test report: Scheppach HL 1200 wood splitter

The Scheppach HL 1200 wood splitter in the video

The Scheppach HL 1200 wood splitter is a hydraulic, powerful wooden splitter with a thickness of up to 12 tons. The device is ideal for companies and people who regularly or frequently have to split wood in large quantities. Often, the splitting of wood no longer works with the conventional ax and this often has health reasons. Many do not want to split by hand for other reasons. The device is also suitable for wood companies and for companies who want to split timber regularly on a regular basis. In the application the machine is flexible and there is not only the very high performance, but also the high operational reliability and the relatively high working speed.The Scheppach HL 1200 wooden splitter is a stand which is noticeable by its height, but is not very wide. The wood splitter has been designed for outdoor work and there are large solid rubber tires. The log splitter can therefore be used without difficulty in the rough terrain. The engine is very strong and up to 1450 revolutions per minute. With the impressive strength of twelve tons, wood can be split up to a length of up to 138 centimeters. If the basic equipment is not sufficient, there are a lot of accessories at Scheppach. There is a very wide slit wedge where the very high strength of the HL 12000 can even split very wide wooden blocks. For the practical cleavage of the igniting wood there is also the six-fold splitter. The wood splitter from Scheppach is very quiet during operation and thus the noise pollution is reduced.


The optical impression and the positive characteristics

The wooden splitter looks powerful at first glance and it can already be guessed what is in it. In size the device is not very noticeable, but the 1450 revolutions per minute and the 400 volts fall immediately. The big tires from solid rubber are very noticeable. This makes it easier if the heavy machine is moved through the rough terrain. One of the positive features is the ability to work quickly and easily. A high working speed is made possible and the splitting force is high up to 12 tons. The engine provides a great performance and is strong. It is also very important that the operation is very simple.



According to several test reports and manufacturers, Scheppach’s wood splitter does not have any special safety and protection features. However, this does not seem to be particularly necessary due to the structure of the device and the mode of operation. If a wooden splitter is used, then caution is always and generally. Of course, this also applies to the Scheppach HL 1200. Everyone should go to work with caution and caution, so that there is no safety issue. Some customers, however, complain about the lack of safety precautions for the log splitter.


Construction, processing and performance

The Scheppach HL 1200 wood splitter is a stand. It has been made from solid metal. The high-quality processing is already recognized at first glance. The device is very high, but relatively narrow. Through the barrel of the fall ax, the main part is formed by the machine. The weight of the machine is somewhat heavy due to the robust construction and processing. Due to the large, striking tires, however, it can nevertheless be moved very well. In terms of performance, the wood splitter is very strong and powerful and on the market it is one of the strongest models. 12 tons is a proud cleavage capacity and the wood can be adjusted in three steps.


The handling

The handling and operation of the machine is very simple and even newcomers can learn this quickly. A wood to be split is clamped in front of the appliance, and the fall ax is then split. Everything has been designed so that a high working temperature makes it possible to ensure a fast working. Many reports indicate that it is one of the fastest wooden splitters on the market.


Conclusion guy
The Holzspalter Scheppach HL 1200 is one of the strongest and best wood splitters on the market. Very high are the high working speed and the extreme force. It is also very advantageous that there are many practical accessories. It becomes a more powerful tool that can be expanded. The device is of high quality and very well processed. Even with the high weight, the device can be easily moved by the large tires. Despite the strength, the machine is relatively quiet and so no one is bothered in the environment.

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