The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / Samsung NaviBot SR 8895 Silencio – Comparison Test

Samsung NaviBot SR 8895 Silencio – Comparison Test

By NaviBot SR 8895 Silencio offers Samsung at an especially low-noise version of a proven vacuum cleaner robot from the NaviBot product line. The Low Noise mode but is not the only technical innovation that characterizes this model over its predecessors.

Read in our product description more about how this vacuum cleaner robot works and what special features it offers.

The NaviBot SR 8895 Silencio has a total of three brushes :

    • two rotating side brushes to clean corners and edges


  • one attached to the underside of the brush roller that conveys the fed from the side brush dirt and dust into the collection vessel

The exhaust air of the vacuum cleaner, which is located directly behind the lower brush roller is passed through the 5-stage HEPA filter system to the outside again. This aspect is important as for those allergic to dust micron-sized (house dust allergy).

As a special add-on to the SR8895 is still two mops delivered. This microfiber cloths can be attached by Velcro to a plastic disk, which is then in turn clamped under the dust container. This takes care for optimal dust management.

In addition to its role of edge or corner cleaning the side brushes have a second, equally important task: they cover the side edges of the parallel roads, so that after a change of direction of the robotic vacuum cleaner, complete cleaning along the carriageway edge is ensured.

You do not need vacuum cleaner bags, because the dirt and dust container is removable.

Bottom of the Samsung Navibot SR 8895 Silencio robot cleaner
The left picture shows the Samsung Navibot SR 8895 Silencio cleaning robot from below.

Good to see two are side-mounted, rotating sweeping brushes.

The brush roller whirls the dust and the underlying Hoover promoted him in the integrated dust container.

Basis for the transportation of NaviBot SR8895 is its Visionary Mapping ™ System . This system consists of a camera with which the robot cleaner continuously ceiling and corners films (30 fps) and a software that calculates an optimal route from the filmed data and the messages of the distance sensors.

The resulting movement strategy is fundamentally different from the the competition usual random strategy:

    • from the starting point moves the SR8895 in dead-straight tracks on the floor to be cleaned


  • the software prevents the repeated driving over the same points and thus the cleaning time is reduced to a fraction of the time it takes for the robot vacuum cleaner competition

The SR8895 is the way the so-called two. Virtual Guards supplied that can be used as “virtual walls” or signposts. The Directory function ( “Guard Mode”) is – as with all other Staubsaugrobotern – to the SR-8895 to lead from room to room, where he always only allowed to enter the next room when the previous one has been completely cleaned.

the now greatly improved software of NaviBot however without Virtual Guards, only using the Visionary mapping ™ system, able to control the robotic vacuum several rooms away. The cleaning robot without Virtual Guards therefore also comes readily by a 4-room apartment. It all areas were thoroughly cleaned and in particular takes the NaviBot also the way back to the charging station in the first room.

Nevertheless, the use of Virtual Guards is useful, in the so-called. “Fence” mode, which is used to shut off sensitive areas. If you switch to Virtual Guard in this mode, it sends out an up to 4-meter infrared beam to the NaviBot as electronic stop signrecognizes and turns.

Against crashes the SR-8895 is incidentally also secured: he comes near a staircase, so its warn him crash sensors on time and he makes immediately a 180 degree rotation.

If the Robosauger never comes into your home in the near stairs, you can crash sensors eg stick with paper and thus make “blind”. This has the advantage that the NaviBot cleans pitch black carpets. This act namely normally like an abyss to him!

Side view of Samsung Navibot SR 8895 Silencio robot vacuum cleaner
The picture shows the Samsung Navibot SR 8895 Silencio robotic vacuum from the side forward.

The Silencio SR-8895 is well made. The side sweeping brushes swirling dust and dirt under the nipple.

A round encircling soft rubber coating – analogous to a “bumper car” – protects your furniture and doors.

There are four basic cleaning modes of Samsung NaviBot:

    • Auto mode :
      The auto mode is a kind of normal mode in which you start the Samsung SR-8895: it cleans all available room of their apartment automatically


    • Max mode :
      In Max mode , the robot vacuum cleaner does something more: he works namely until the battery is almost empty and he therefore must return to the charging station. In this mode, the Samsung NaviBot drives including several times on the same sites, similar to its robotic vacuum colleagues who move to the random strategy.


    • Spot mode :
      The Spot mode is used for intensive cleaning a delimited area of about 1.5 square meters, which is spirally departed from Samsung Staubsaugroboter


  • Manual mode :
    In manual mode, finally, the SR8895 is completely controlled via the remote control

For each of these four basic cleaning modes, two additional modes allow to turn, but only by remote control. That is once theturbo mode , which increases the rotational speed of the main brush, and second, the EDGE mode , which provides a particularly thorough cleaning of edges and corners.

Choose a good start angle for the start of cleaning. The best results are achieved in Edge mode, if we have the Samsung NaviBot SR8895 Silencio started directly parallel to a room along edge.

Samsung Navibot SR 8895 Silencio Staubsaugerroboter frontal view
The picture shows the robotic vacuum cleaner Samsung Navibot SR 8895 Silencio in a front view.

In the center of the top panel the operation panel (touchpad) is the Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner integrated.

Front looks at the camera lens, the Navibot SR-8895 with the robot vacuum cleaner “mapped” his surroundings ,

If the NaviBot has finished its work, as recommended – as with all other Saugrobotern – a quick control of the brushes, sensors and of course the dust container.

The dust container is rather full, as a rule, because the robot vacuum cleaner works much more thoroughly than a conventional vacuum cleaner , You can tank the way with a normal vacuum cleaner empty because it a for this purpose an extra suctioncontains.

Also, take a quick look at the HEPA filter you possibly against the supplied spare filter should be replaced.

To remove pet hair is a special cleaning tool that you can just drag over the brush.

With the remote control you can enter all program steps. Even after turning off the robotic vacuum cleaner they remain stored so that in particular, the timer data need not be re-entered.

According to the manufacturer the NaviBot SR 8895 Silencio needs 120 minutes for initial load, then typically less time because the battery charge due to the high cleaning speed is hardly ever used fully.

The charge level is the way shown on the display at the top of Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner.

The software has improved considerably compared to the previous models of NaviBot. This robot vacuum cleaner can be used both in coverage and in the wall tracking.

The greater the vacuum cleaner robot offered contiguous free cleaning surface is, the more likely he is finished with his work. You should endeavor to evacuate all of the way, which might hinder the NaviBot: cables, power supplies, Lego bricks and other light objects should be removed or converted as a practical alternative, by a Virtual Guard in a prohibited zone.

In oblique, dark wooden ceilings (attic!) denied the navigation of the SR8895 occasionally. We are confident that the manufacturer will present in the near future for this purpose an update to its software.

For anyone who these robotic vacuum observed for the first time, the most surprising is the navigation. There are not even the perfectly straight tracks, giving an impression of professional, purpose-optimized control, because he shares this characteristic with all other devices, even those who do not work with visual tracking by camera. Rather, it is the parallel paths that fascinate.

It is precisely this, attributable to the new camera navigation driving strategy also yields the optimal short cleaning times and, in conjunction with the improved software to that of the Samsung cleaning robot is completely autonomous, without the support of Virtual Guards , by a flat can move with several rooms.

falls and collision sensors, a 600 cc recapitulative collector with suction and 6 different, individually programmable cleaning modes make the NaviBot SR8895 an immensely practical and useful household goods.

the main switch on the underside of Samsung Navibot this device can be switched off completely. This avoids deep discharge of the battery when the device is not used again for a long time – a big advantage over the competition, where you have to remove the battery specially for this purpose.

Here again the most important data and reviews for Samsung NaviBot SR-8895 Silencio for you at a glance. The link Order NowYou can Samsung NaviBot SR 8895 Silencio easily and safely directly from the shopping leader order:

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