The best Dual SIM cell phones 2016 / Is Samsung Galaxy A7 dual sim?

Is Samsung Galaxy A7 dual sim?

Samsung introduces a new Galaxy series on the market: The “Galaxy A” series will consist of three smartphones: A3, A5 and A7 dual SIM. The most striking commonality will be a metal frame, possibly even a complete metal casing. Nevertheless, the models of the A series to belong to the rather cheap models in their respective classes.
However, a market launch in Germany is not yet certain: at least the A7 will be available in selected countries only, while the A3 and A5 well in most markets to be sold.

Galaxy A7: space for 2 SIM cards

The top model is the Samsung Galaxy A7, which also is a dual SIM phone is. The show first nor unofficial information that have found their way to the public. So is this phone – internal apparently called SM-A700 – the biggest Samsung dual SIM his cell phone with his 5.5-inch display.

Whether the two smaller A-smartphones will also get 2 SIM slots, is still unclear. From recent product launches from Samsung, however, is also conceivable that the A-series could appear in Germany exclusively with one SIM slot, even if there will be a dual-SIM version for Asian countries and emerging markets.

LTE on board?

Yet it is in Germany rarity – but the Galaxy A models should all support LTE. Thus, the Galaxy A7 one of the first would be dual-SIM LTE phones here in the market, in addition to top models such as the HTC One M8 dual , which is obviously much more expensive.

Display: 5.5 “HD resolution

So far only a few information about the Galaxy A7 have been leaked and they are not very reliable – is supposed to give not Full HD, the 5.5-inch display, but with normal HD (1280 x 720 pixels) to come. That would be on such a large screen, a relatively low resolution, in which one might see individual pixels. Given the planned fairly low price but it would be logical that would come at any point-saving engineering.


Low-budget models, there are not that Samsung plans because: For the Galaxy A7 dual SIM should just under 350 € are due, unless the US-prices in Europe 1: 1 are converted into euro. The remaining A-smartphones are below it, but only one-price distance of about 30-50 € each. The cheapest Läge then 250-280 €. All information is as said not officially confirmed and it remains to be seen, which is confirmed by the recent rumors.

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