The best steam ironing stations 2016 / Rowenta DG8960 – Comparison Test

Rowenta DG8960 – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

VERY GOOD (1.25)
Equipment (30%)
VERY GOOD (1:39)
Operation / handling (40%)
VERY GOOD (1.40)
Power (20%)
GOOD (1.60)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Multistage steam regulation
    • High vapor pressure
    • Steam jet function
    • Anti-Calc
    • isolated tank and boiler
    • Short heating
    • Vertical steam ironing


    • No automatic. safety shutdown

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 3.53 Kg
  • Power: 2400 Watt
  • Max. Steam pressure: 6 bar
  • Steam capacity max. permanent: 120 grams / min.
  • Steam boost: 260 g / min.
  • Size water tank: 1.5 liters
  • Length elec. Cable: 170 cm
  • Steam hose length: 180 cm
  • Heating time: 2 min.
  • Water Tank
  • Display bracket ready
  • Tank during operation refillable
  • antiscale
  • Vertical steam ironing
  • ECO function
  • Material of the soleplate: Stainless Microsteam400
  • Manufacturer: Rowenta
  • Operating Instructions: ++


  • Automatic safety shutdown
category A Total Score Score / points
equipment 30% Note 1:25
Length elec. Electric wire 170 cm  50.00
Steam hose length 180 cm 100.00
antiscale  + 100.00
ECO function  + 100.00
Total points 350.00 (400)
Operation / handling 40% Note 1:39
Weight (Kg) 3.53 Kg  86.75
Size water tank 1.5 liters  44.44
Water Tank  + 100.00
Display bracket ready  + 100.00
Tank during operation refillable  + 100.00
Heating time 2 Min.  94.12
Automatic safety shutdown  –   00:00
Vertical steam ironing  + 100.00
instruction manual ++ 100.00
Total points 725.31 (900)
power 20% Note 1:40
power 2400 W 100.00
Max. Steam pressure 6 bar 100.00
Steam capacity max. permanent 120 grams / min. 100.00
steam boost 260 grams / min.  19.70
Total points 319.70 (400)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.60
Amazon valuation 4.4  70.00
Total points  70.00 (100)
Properties without rating
Material of the soleplate

Rowentas Dampfbügelstation DG8960 surprised not only an attractive design but is also well suited for its task, the ironing of textiles in private households, equipped:

    • The iron itself weighs only 1.18 Kg , water tank (without water) and base unit weighing 2.35 Kg again. However, the user charge only 1.18 Kg of the iron, the steam station should be well secured to the delivery of the ironing board to stand.
    • On the back of the steam station you will find a panel with various buttons and knobs, with which you can control all important functions of the device easily:
        • a particularly important element here is the knob for controlling the amount of steam to mention. The performance can therefore be set between 0 and 120 grams / minute. On this knob also is ECO-area in which you can use to save energy.
      • Furthermore, the panel includes a green steam ready light , the red light for “water tank empty” and a warning light for descaling .
    • One can have a targeted steam discharge trigger (steam capacity 260 grams / minute) by pressing the corresponding button on top of the handle of the iron. Please do not confuse this function with the “Turbo” -Dampffunktion whichbelow is described.
    • The iron has on its handle a temperature indicator (only affects the temperature of the soleplate). With the thermostatunder the handle on the iron can regulate the temperature of the soleplate in 4 stages: 0, low, medium, high (corresponding to a mark by no, one, two or three points on the circular scale).
    • The steam hose has a length of 1.80 meters , the extension cable between the steam station and iron is 10 cm shorter than 1.70 meters .
    • The water tank holds 1.5 liters and, thanks to the fact that it is constructed separately from the boiler, at any time refilled during operation.
    • After use, the ironing station you can fix the steam hose with a side-mounted small wire bracket at the station, the electrical cable is rolled up by a Kabelaufrollers and stowed in its compartment.
  • The descaling is carried out via an integrated lime collector , which must be cleaned at certain intervals. For details about the operation of this system, see the section Operation .

Rowenta DG8960

The Rowenta steam iron station signals an empty water tank or a necessary decalcification via dedicated control lights.

About a rotary knob allows the steam output between 0 and 120 grams / minute Setting (chuff with 260 grams / minute).

As with other steam irons can DG8960 the Rowenta for normal dry ironing use. It extends the waiver of the steam button.

When working with steam feature in the operation of these quite versatile Dampfbügelstation following options:

    • For heating the Rowenta DG8960 need just 2 minutes. The prerequisite is that you have filled the water tank, preferably with a 50/50 mixture of tap water and distilled water.
    • By ironing can begin only when the green steam ready indicator is continuously on and the temperature control lampof the iron is assumed. In other words: both indicators flash until the corresponding functions have been completed. The only difference is then that the steam ready light is continuously on while the temperature control lamp of the iron is no longer illuminated.
    • In addition to the normal ironing with occasional press the steam button should still the burst of steam and the “Turbo” -Dampffunktion note. Both have similar effect, but are triggered differently and also have very different effects. When steam burst, which we have already seen above, the steam is abruptly triggered by pressing the steam button on the upper handle of the iron (the steam will also focus as other steam stations and forwards or from the front nozzles of the soleplate produces). This function is independent of the temperature of the iron, so it can always be used!

    • The “Turbo” -Dampffunktion other hand can only be triggered by maximum soleplate temperature. So you have to adjust this maximum temperature on the iron before before you go. Finally then you press briefly on the “Turbo” button on the control panel is waiting for the solid blue and now has the normal steam button turned into a kind of “time-steam button” – except that here the burst of steam even with high temperature takes place.
    • Especially useful is the use of said “Turbo” -Dampffunktion the ” vertical ironing “, since the smoothing of textiles is handled only with the steam function. Remember that always the maximum values of temperature and steam output to be achieved during vertical ironing, so you should be careful and always direct the steam jet in the right direction.
  • Pleasant is, that during operation at any time to refill the tank water can. So even longer Ironing without significant interruptions are possible.

The Anti-Calc System of Rowenta DG8960 consists of one in the boiler (not the water tank!) Integrated lime collector . As the name suggests, collects the limescale that accumulates over time in the boiler. When the indicator light for descaling the steam station control panel, it is time to make this lime collector.

The nice thing about this system is that it is necessary to purchase or replace anything because the only thing one has to do, is thewashing out the lime collector under running water. Then you can immediately re-use these! The Anti-Calc System of Rowenta DG9060 saves the user money. It can be reused after a simple washing, without any additional products (eg Kalkpatrone) need to buy.



The electric power is 2400 watts . Who temperature, steam power and ECO mode Used wisely, can handle energy saving with this device safely.

The permanent steam capacity (while holding down the steam button at the highest level of the amount of steam) is 120 grams / minute.

There are no automatic time-shutdown that shuts down the unit when not in use (eg after 10 minutes).

However, there is a valve against overpressure that makes the excess steam escape in the event of a malfunction, and an additional fuse that switches off the device, if a risk of overheating.

A small drawback of this device: there is no automatic safety shutdown of other devices (see Safety ).

Rowenta has the DG8960 a modern, versatile Dampfbügelstation. We summarize briefly the main strengths of Rowenta DG8960 together:

  • The water tank holds 1.5 liters,
  • important properties such as water level, operational readiness and decalcification are displayed electronically,
  • low heating up,
  • the tank can be refilled during the operation,
  • integrated lime collector,
  • “Turbo” -Dampffunktion.

Here again follow all the information and the test score for Rowenta DG8960 .:

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