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Rosenstein sons Grillthermometer

Rosenstein sons Grillthermometer


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Test report: Rosenstein Söhne Grillthermometer

A good grill thermometer is an indispensable grilling accessory for every grill master who wants to grill a piece of meat at core temperature. The Rosenstein & Söhne Grillthermometer is ideally suited for this purpose and has been subjected to a detailed test. 

The many functions and the easy application

The nice thing about this fun thermometer in the test proved that you do not have to stand all the time on the grill to observe the core temperature. The external display in handy format is conveniently placed with the table and you have the stautus from the grill always in view. If the meat reaches the correct temperature and is even, a beep sounds.

With this grill thermometer, any kind of meat, whether beef, pork, or fish or poultry, can be prepared in different cooking levels. In addition, the grill thermometer also has a stopwatch which can be used for frying on time. The application of the thermometer from Rosenstein & Söhne is very easy in the test. It is the meat type, as well as the cooking stage set. The temperature sensor is inserted into the food and then comfortably maintained. During this time, you can prepare side dishes or do other things.


The details

The practical radio grill thermometer from Rosenstein & Söhne has an external illuminated display module, which was very easy to use in the test. The sensor of the thermometer can perfectly prepare eight varieties of meat, such as beef, lamb, veal, meatballs, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish with five different cooking levels. The very large display makes it easier to read the temperature. When the desired cooking level is reached, the beep sounds.

The grill target temperature can be set to a maximum of 250 degrees Celsius. Particularly positive in the test were the stopwatch and the countdown timer, as well as the sufficiently good radio range up to thirty meters. The thermometer for grilling has dimensions of 62 times 26 by 120 millimeters and weighs 84 grams. It is operated with four batteries. The enclosed German operating instructions are provided for easy handling.


Model Rosenstein & Söhne Radio grill thermometer with display

With this high-quality grill thermometer, perfectly prepared meat varieties could be produced. Thanks to the thermometer for grilling, developed by Rosenstein & Söhne, one can always serve perfectly cooked meat or fish to the guests as well as relatives. A particularly positive test in the test was that the thermometer does not have to be placed on the stove or on the grill and it does its job completely independently. With the help of the external display in small format, the grill status is always mobile at a glance. Thanks to the five different cooking stages, the taste of each guest is surely hit the best. The handling with the grill thermometer is very simple and uncomplicated and can be explained by itself.


Conclusion guy
This grill thermometer from Rosenstein & Söhne has been completely tested and proved that not always has to be invested in a very good thermometer for grilling. This grill thermometer offers excellent quality and is equipped with everything you need to prepare a perfectly cooked piece of meat. The Rosenstein & Söhne Grillthermometer makes it possible to look forward to stress-free and absolutely delicious barbecue festivities.

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