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Robot Vacuums » What does crash sensors?

This is a legitimate question: because Staubsaugroboter always go only forward, never backward. In the latter case, such a robotic vacuum would have to be secured against crashes of course by “eyes in the back of the head”.

However, there are indeed exceptions where robotic vacuum reverse: if you are namely the intensive mode can apply for particularly soiled areas. In this case, they may also reverse.

No, unless you tie their robotic vacuum eyes that keep him from falling. This sounds even after “suicide”, but there is even a case where one should stop down the crash sensors without affecting the safety of the robot, and these are the infamous dark or black surfaces.

Read here to find out why this is a useful strategy for your robotic vacuum cleaner.

The robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba 782 is a total of 6 crash sensors (4 front, 2 rear) as well:


iRobot Roomba 782

Overall grade Excellent (1.40)

iRobot Roomba 782

test winner

EUR 569.00   -13%

Plus points

  • Telematics
  • Double HEPA filter
  • 1 Virtual Wall Lighthouse
  • Intelligent contamination detection
  • Various cleaning modes
  • fall Protection


  • No batteries for Lighthouse

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