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Test report: Reer Thermoskanne

The Reer stainless steel vacuum bottle 90500.08 has a modern design. It holds 500 ml and is an ideal companion for longer tours. The bottle is suitable for cold and hot liquids. 

Advantages of the Reer stainless steel insulating bottle

The noble Reer stainless steel vacuum bottle has a good quality. If hot water is filled into the insulating bottle, it can be mixed with milk powder on the road. Within a few seconds a delicious meal is ready for the baby. But also coffees can be prepared for the office or a hiking tour with soluble coffee powder. At a filling temperature of 100 ° C., the water is still at 40 ° C. after 24 hours. During the summer all drinks can be kept cool in the bottle. Inside and outside there is an unbreakable stainless steel. Therefore, the bottle is particularly durable.


All advantages and disadvantages at a glance


– Elegant design
– Very robust
– Withstands temperatures up to 8 hours hot
– Can also be used for cold holding
– liquids can be perfectly poured
– Perfect for the preparation of baby food
– Emission Free and food-safe material


– Hand wash
– water smells beginning to plastic
– Must be carefully rinsed, otherwise gets water in the lid
– housing from the lid comes off the page


Characteristics of stainless steel bottle 90500.08

The stainless steel insulating bottle 90500.08 has a practical one-hand safety closure. It allows opening with only one hand. Also the pouring of the drinks is very easy. No drop goes any farther. The bottle is food safe and can therefore be safely used for drinks. It is free of pollutants and was produced entirely without plasticizer. Only in the dishwasher the bottle should not be cleaned. The cover of the cover could be released by the hot temperatures.


Use of stainless steel bottle

The stainless steel bottle is very sturdy. So it can be used without problems in an automobile, bicycle or trekking tour. The slim design makes it easy to stow away. If the stainless steel bottle should keep drinks hot, it should be rinsed with hot water beforehand. Ice cubes can be used for cold drinks. These fit without problems through the large spout. Cleaning is also no problem. For this purpose, some water and some dish soap should be filled into the interior. Then the bottle is carefully washed out with a soft brush. After cleaning it must also be carefully rinsed. Do not rinse in the dishwasher or under running water. Anyone who properly handles Reer’s bottle will enjoy it for a long time. Then it stays tight for a long time and the lid closes as on the first day.


From the inside hot and from the outside cold

A special advantage of the stainless steel bottle 90500.08 is that it remains unaffected from the outside. This means, even if there is boiling water inside the bottle, it can still be handled without problems. In very hot water, however, the bottle should be carefully opened. The resulting pressure can lead to fine hot splashes. The best thing is to let some air out of the bottle, where the lid is turned slowly. Only then can it be completely opened and the fingers are spared by hot water sprayers.


Conclusion guy
Reer’s stainless steel bottles measure 27.6 x 7.4 x 7.2 cm. It is very stable and has been processed clean. The bottle is perfect for hot and cold drinks. It keeps the temperature of the drink constant for a long time and is therefore particularly suitable for the preparation of coffee or baby milk. The temperature is maintained for up to 8 hours. This is mainly due to the high-quality material used for the production of the stainless steel bottle. The bottle has a volume of 500 ml. This is sufficient for a trekking or autotour, to make one or the other drink. It has a light weight of 381 g and fits in every backpack. The pouring out of the drinks is very easy.Through the large opening, ice cubes can also be filled into the bottle.This is a special plus in summer

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