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Test report: Profi Multigriff Klimmzugstange

This is a very robust professional pull bar, which can withstand loads of up to 350 kilograms. There are different handle variations for the different pull-up exercises. With the pull bar, the buyers receive the absolutely stable 8-point wall bracket with screws and dowels. Very popular is the pull bar, because gymnastics, rocking or punching bags can be attached.

So that everything with the Profi Multigriff Klimmzugstange simply works, the assembly instructions are included.The width of this bar is 100 centimeters, the tube diameter is 32 millimeters, and the distance from the bar to the wall is about 60 centimeters. The mounting material is included and there are dowels, screws, washers and nuts.


Buy the pull bar

This professional Multigriff pull bar is from D & S and it is a straight and black pull bar. Very popular is the pull bar, because the distance from the stretcher bar to the wall is about 60 centimeters. With the aid of the pull bar, different oblique and parallel handles are possible. The Profi Multigriff pull bar is from D & S Vertriebs GmbH and it is suitable for wall mounting.

This pull bar can convince because many handles are attached and because the maximum load capacity is even at 350 kilograms. There is the possibility that boxing bags, gymnastics rings and a lot more are attached. The pull bar is delivered directly as a mounting set and this means for the buyers that the pull bar must first be assembled as a fitness machine before the suspension starts.

However, this step does not take more than five minutes, and the stability has no effect. Afterwards, the pull bar comes into the wall with eight screws and the fastening is relatively simple. First, it is important that eight holes are drilled into the wall and then dowels are sunk in. If you are done with it, you can begin your training.

The screws and dowels are included in the scope of delivery and they do not have to be bought separately.


The most important data

Although there are many handles in the Profi Multigriff pull bar, it still weighs only six kilograms. Compared to similar mounting sets the weight is somewhat heavier here. The distance to the wall is absolutely sufficient for pull-ups, in order not to come into contact with the wall. The width of the construction is 100 centimeters, and the width of the pull bar is very pleasant thanks to the tube diameter of 32 millimeters.

The load capacity is even up to 350 kilograms and can be used by all people. Not only swings, gymnastics or punching bags can be installed, but there is also the possibility that the athletes will work with additional weights.Compared to the other competitors there is thus a clear advantage. Compared to many other competitors, the Profi Multigriff pull bar offers more grip variation possibilities and there is the possibility that other things such as rocking, boxing bags, gymnastics and a lot more are attached.

This means for the pull bar that she can not only do more, but with her, a completely different training can be completed. Especially thanks to the larger wall distance and the maximum load of 350 kilograms a very clear purchase recommendation can be pronounced.

The price of the pull bar is unbeatable and therefore the price-performance ratio is correct. It is only important for the buyers that first of all the wall is checked before the fixture, if the load also can withstand. If a wall is already porous, it is not suitable for mounting.


Conclusion guyOverall, it is a very popular pull bar, which receives at Amazon 4.4 from a total of 5 stars. The rod is absolutely stable and nothing can break. Even if the hands are slightly smaller, the diameter is perfect.

Compared to other products in this price class, the maximum load capacity is up to 350 kilograms. Also as a punching bag holder a punching bag holds up well and swings well. With the bracket, everyone is well served if he is looking for a cheap multifunction device.

The included dowels do not have to be used and everyone can get even better in the construction market. There are many different handle variations and the components are all very well processed. There is a mounting instruction with it and thus it is recognized, how the construction works.

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