The best reviews 2017 / Premium chinrest bar Get Strong by Sportastisch

Premium chinrest bar Get Strong by Sportastisch

Premium chinrest bar Get Strong by Sportastisch


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Test report: Premium Climbing Bar Get Strong by Sportastisch


Test report: The Sporty Get-Strong-Klimmzugstange

The winter is over and you have gained weight. Everyone knows it, summer is at the door and the beach is already calling. But really in top form is not one, the Winterspeck swells over the belt and the self-confidence is neatly insulated. In order to lose his rescue ring and return to self-confidence through a trained body, the Sportstisch pull-up bar is a suitable aid.

With it, it is possible to return to the old form in a short time. With this test, we would like to make it easier for you to decide against or against the sports bar pull bar. We have tested the pull bar, which is suitable for the door frame and load-bearing walls, thoroughly for you and put together all the advantages and disadvantages.


Packaging and delivery

The Get-Strong pull bar from Sportastisch in the color black was sent to us within four working days after order. The pull-up bar, made in China, was delivered in single pieces in a plain, brown carton, which were packaged in separate films. On the inner, colorful cardboard box, a pair of trained couples is shining.

The package included:

  • The pull bar in individual parts
  • Wall screws (various sizes)
  • Tool consisting of: ten nuts, an Allen key, eight wall plugs, eight wall screws and two holding clamps

It was gratifying that both a warranty card and an operating / installation manual were in German and English.Unfortunately, this is no longer self-evident.


Some of our pictures of the pull bar “Get Strong” by Sportastisch

Pull bar from Sportastisch 1     Pull bar from Sportastisch 2     Pull - out bar Get Strong by Sportastisch 3

Pull bar from Sportastisch 4     Pull bar from Sportastisch 5     Pull bar from Sportastisch 6

Pull bar from Sportastisch 7     Pull bar from Sportastisch 8     Pull - out bar Get Strong by Sportastisch 9


Equipment of the pull bar

The Sportastisch pull bar is suitable for standard doors, with a door width of 60 to 80 cm, with a depth of up to 18 cm and a wall thickness of at least 15 cm. The dimensions of the pull bar are 105 x 25 x 4 cm. In addition, the unit has a weight of about 3 kg. An instruction manual is available if required. The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty.


Optics and processing of the pull bar

The ends of the individual components of the pull-up bar are provided with rubber so that the door frames and walls remain undamaged. The pull bar parts are made of high quality reinforced steel. The handles are covered with foam to ensure a better grip and to protect against slipping. In color, the Get-Strong pull bar is only available in black.


The price

With a price range of € 54.95 to € 69.00 (as of July 2016), the Get-Strong pull bar from Sportastisch is in the medium to low price class.


Construction and installation

The tightening of the pull bar was a bit more difficult than expected, but you only have to fasten the corresponding nuts and screws. With so many items is quite fiddly. The urgently used, illustrated assembly instructions are as well as the tools needed for the assembly. Only one drill should be ready. Once the frame is assembled, it becomes easier.

All you have to do now is drill eight holes for the J-clamps above the door opening and fasten them with dowels and wall screws. Be sure to wear a load-bearing wall so that it does not become a weak point and break through the weight. Then hook the pull bar fully into the holding clips with the back and your Get-Strong pull bar is ready for the first practice test. Test the strength of the bar in the holding brackets before the first training.


More pictures of the pull bar “Get Strong” by Sportastisch

Pull bar from Sportastisch 10     Pull bar from Sportastisch 11     Pull - out bar Get Strong by Sportastisch 12

Pull bar from Sportastisch 13     Pull bar from Sportastisch 14     Pull - out bar Get Strong by Sportastisch 15

Pull bar from Sportastisch 16     Pull - out bar Get Strong by Sportastisch 17     Pull bar from Sportastisch 18


Before the first training

If you have not already done so, you should have a check-up carried out by your sports or family doctor. If your doctor gives the go-ahead, training with the Get Strong is no longer in the way.

First of all, a few security hints about the Get Strong:

  • Do not leave minors unattended
  • Do not bounce or bounce
  • The risk of injury when hanging on feet or legs is higher
  • They must not weigh more than 150 kg with training clothes


Healthy muscle training

With the pull bar from Sportastisch much is possible. A total of 12 different handles are possible. The resulting variation of different pull-ups, which allows training for many muscle parts. This device is particularly suitable for the back, chest, abdomen, upper and arm muscles.

Through the pull-ups, it is possible to build up and strengthen the back muscles in such a way that a lot of back complaints abate or disappear completely. Also the relief of the back during the pull-pull helps with back pain.

The upper and lower arms are trained by pulling upwards. With your legs stretched forward, you can also train your abdomen, chest muscles and thighs.


Exercises with the Get-Strong pull bar

First of all, pursue a realistic goal with easy-to-reach targets, because wild unstructured training can quickly frustrate. Exercise regularly two to three times a week with a rest day in between. Once you have achieved your goal, the training intensity can be increased with weights. However, be aware that your weight plus weights should not exceed 150 kg.

In addition to the classic upper handle, a handle from the bottom of the bar is also possible. This is how you train other muscle groups in your upper arm.


Pull-ups in the upper grip

The hands embrace the bar from above into shoulder width. By this type of pull-up, the muscles in the latissimus, which run obliquely through the muscle, are mainly stressed. These back muscles are part of the stabilizing back muscles. A strong back musculature supports the spine and the intervertebral discs are relieved.


Pull-ups with neutral grip and under-handle

In addition to the classic upper handle, a handle from the bottom of the bar is also possible. This is how you train other muscle groups in the upper arm and the lower parts of the latissimus, which run vertically. In the neutral grip, the outer sides of the pull bar are included. The effect is similar to the Untergriff.

Some of the possible pull-ups:

The wide Brustklimmzug
Wide shoulder handle, the back of the hand to show the body.

The corn-cob-chin (corn cob chin)
this is the body at chin left us right moves before it is re-directed to the center.

The command-chin
He is like the corn-cob only one page is served here and then set the new chin chin ever.

Half the chin
here is not the chin lifted over the bar, but set halfway to new chin.

The L-chin
It is a combination of a normal chin and a belly exercise. The legs are stretched at a 90 degree angle and then a wide chest pull is performed.

These are pull-ups that come especially climbers to Good. They can be performed with normal wide chest cramp.The maximum height is held for three seconds.




The setup lasted a good 20 minutes and was not so easy, although the instructions for the assembly were well understood, although not as detailed as we would have liked. In the construction, the pull bar got already scratches by the assembly. The painted steel is very sensitive.

Fortunately, as soon as the pull bar is hung over the door, you only have to touch the rubberized handles, which are very robust and well-processed. These paddings are also comfortable to use with sweating hands and give a very secure grip.




Conclusion guyThe Get Strong pull bar by Sportastisch, is ideal for intensive and specific muscle training.

With its multifunctionality and stability, the pull bar was convincing in its entirety. Due to the maximum weight of 5 kg the Sportastisch pull bar is easy to transport and can be used in many places.

The only drops of vermouth are the somewhat complicated and long lasting construction and the fact that the pull bar can only be fixed by drilling, which gives it the security to train safely.

The rod is a great tool if you want to save yourself the way to the gym and still want to get fit.

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