The best reviews 2017 / PHL P50 D03 Pulling bar

PHL P50 D03 Pulling bar

PHL P50 D03 Pulling bar


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Test report: PHL P50 D03 Klimmzugstange

A good pull bar is always perfect for anyone who would like to train and do the homework. This PHL pull bar is a pull-up bar that must be attached to the ceiling or wall. That is why here, first of all, some artisan skills are required before it can start with the exercises. The user will then also face a good challenge and can be full of sport.

When it has mounted the rod, it is perfectly ready for use and can also be used very well. So it is therefore possible to come after the sport which many buyers long for. The pull bar is of a very good quality and will also be completely satisfactory. The buyer can look forward to a black pull bar.


The delivery

It is really easy to order the pull bar. The buyer is not at all challenged here and will find the pole very well. The rod is easy to mount if the prerequisites are right. Also the delivery is fast, so the bar can be installed very quickly.

However, in order for it to be possible, the buyer also needs some tools. But if everything is present, then the buyer can go immediately and convince himself of the quality of a good pull bar. The bar makes a lot of and that is always perfect for every buyer.


What is special about it?

This rod does not just have a strut. The user is able to sample several positions to train the different shoulder and back muscles. It is essential to train these muscle groups when it comes to having a fit body, which is also to be presented afterwards. This bar is so equipped that it has no padding or anything else that can be considered a hindrance.

Of course, for the training also a balance feeling is necessary and a sufficient ceiling height. But if all the prerequisites are right, the user can complete his training perfectly and will not want to miss the bar soon. Already after one week the first results are visible and this is always exactly the desired effect.


The preparation!

First of all, the trainer has to warm up on this unit. Because he still has to install it. The buyer should choose a room with an adequate ceiling height. So could be installed in the garage or also many other rooms of the apartment this unit. Now we need the necessary tools. The screws and also the anchors should always be load bearing.

After all, if you train properly, the bar will also be subjected to a load. This rod must also be securely fastened and should not be broken during the first training or torn from the anchoring.

A drilling machine is also important. Who lives in a rented apartment, should also ensure that the rod may also be mounted. Most of the landlords do not like to see their home being mounted on the ceiling. But if everything has been clarified, it is good to mount the rod.



Large screws and dowels are essential. The buyer should always tighten the screws properly to secure the pull bar.If he pays attention to an appropriate assembly, then the sport can always succeed well. The rod can now be used.The user will quickly develop their own rhythm to train on the bar and that is perfect.

Because only who is satisfied with the bar, it can also use and use well. This bar is always a highlight that can be seen. The rod will also bring a lot when exercising daily. Most buyers are completely satisfied and they have also managed to securely mount and assemble the bar. Therefore, it is a sturdy rod that can withstand a lot and which can be used again and again for the training.


Conclusion guySport is now an integral part of everyone. This sport can be accomplished in many different ways. There are many people who are looking for a suitable pull-up bar. Now this search is finally finished, because there is the pull bar of the manufacturer PHL.

This rod will always satisfy the buyer and it will also be easy for sport to do it and at any time. The sport can be a lot easier in any case and will also bring a lot of pleasure. The user can and will be amused with it without going into the gym.


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