The best steam ironing stations 2016 / Philips GC7036 / 27 – Comparison Test

Philips GC7036 / 27 – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

VERY GOOD (1:48)
Equipment (30%)
VERY GOOD (1.27)
Operation / handling (40%)
VERY GOOD (1:47)
Power (20%)
GOOD (1.60)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Multistage steam regulation
    • Steam jet function
    • isolated tank and boiler
    • Short heating
    • Large water tank
    • Soleplate with non-stick coating
    • Anti-Calc
    • Automatic safety shutdown


    • No

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 4.1 Kg
  • Power: 2400 Watt
  • Max. Steam pressure: 5.3 bar
  • Steam capacity max. permanent: 120 grams / min.
  • Steam boost: 230 g / min.
  • Size water tank: 1.7 liters
  • Length elec. Cable: 180 cm
  • Steam hose length: 160 cm
  • Heating time: 2 min.
  • Water Tank
  • Display bracket ready
  • Tank during operation refillable
  • antiscale
  • Automatic safety shutdown
  • Vertical steam ironing
  • ECO function
  • Material of the soleplate: SteamGlide Plus
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Operating instructions: +
category A Total Score Score / points
equipment 30% Note 1:48
Length elec. Electric wire 180 cm 100.00
Steam hose length 160 cm   4.76
antiscale  + 100.00
ECO function  + 100.00
Total points 304.76 (400)
Operation / handling 40% Note 1:27
Weight (Kg) 4.1 Kg  72.50
Size water tank 1.7L  55.56
Water Tank  + 100.00
Display bracket ready  + 100.00
Tank during operation refillable  + 100.00
Heating time 2 Min.  94.12
Automatic safety shutdown  + 100.00
Vertical steam ironing  + 100.00
instruction manual +  55.56
Total points 777.74 (900)
power 20% Note 1:47
power 2400 W 100.00
Max. Steam pressure 5.3 bar  76.67
Steam capacity max. permanent 120 grams / min. 100.00
steam boost 230 grams / min.  30.30
Total points 306.97 (400)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.60
Amazon valuation 4.4  70.00
Total points  70.00 (100)
Properties without rating
Material of the soleplate

This steam generator iron from Philips has a well-adapted for the needs of ironing in household equipment:

    • The weight of the iron is only 1.24 kg , the boiler incl. Water tank (without water) weighs 2.86 Kg again, this 2.86 Kg yes only burden the board.
    • The permanent output (maximum) steam capacity is 120 grams / minute , triggered by pressing the steam button.Steam there is only when you hold down this key, and then always with the same steam output of 120 grams / minute.
    • The Philips GC7036 / 27 can also be a ” steam blast Add”, a particularly hot and strong, but only short steam discharge from the front steam nozzle. The steam blast is thereby triggered by the normal steam button by pressing it in quick succession 2 times. The steam output at the steam jet is 230 grams / minute!
    • The steam hose has a length of 1.60 meters , the electrical extension cable is 1.80 meters long.
    • The water tank can store a total of 1.7 liters of water, so you can therefore fairly long iron with a water filling!
    • Water tank and boiler are separately housed: so you can at any time add water and does not need to wait until the unit has cooled.
    • When water tank is empty , this condition is indicated by a lamp, as well as the operational readiness when the power is turned on and the appropriate temperature has been reached. During heating, the indicator will flash for operational readiness.
    • There is a on the side of the ironing station specialist for hose storage .
    • There is an energy-saving ECO mode (up to 30%), which can be activated by pressing a key. Pressing the “ECO” button again, the station works in normal mode, which is identical with the “OptimalTemp” mode .
    • The ironing system has an anti-Calc (Easy De-Calc), which provides for an automatic decalcification of the water. More details on operation of this system, see the section Operation .
  • Philips has this Dampfbügelstation called with. “OptimalTemp” technology equipped. This means that for example can be that simple iron can stand on the board, no matter what material is being processed. It then burns to nothing! However, this only works for called. “temple genuine” materials, which are excellent (about the shirt collar) this with a special mark.textiles marked with a crossed-iron symbol are not suitable for this “OptimalTemp” technology. This includes, however, only some exotic fabrics such as Lycra blend fabric and polypropylene or printed garments.

Chuff Philips GC7036 / 27

Steam can be generated by pressing the steam button (120 grams / minute).

By pressing the steam trigger an intense burst of steam can result in considerable (230 grams / minute).

The easiest way to use this ironing system when they are for dry ironing use: then you have to turn them only, no water needs to fill and dispense with operating the steam button.

This type of use but will be the exception. Usually one will proceed as follows:

    • After switching on, the blue light is lit on the indicator. A second lamp for Bereitschaftssanzeige will flash until the steam station is ready (it takes – as already mentioned above – only about 2 minutes).
    • Then you can choose between 2 strap styles:
        • The normal brackets using the steam release. Here it should be noted that steam is only valid from the soleplate when you hold the steam trigger button.
      • The arms with the ” steam function “, which is triggered by two short presses of steam button. The case reached steam output of 230 grams / minute is only issued a brief moment – therefore, this function is called indeed “shot of steam”.
  • Another interesting variant to use is the ” Vertical ironing “. Here you hold the iron in vertical against the garment, such as a shirt or jacket, from which you want to eliminate wrinkles. A real ironing pressure is not popular here, but touching the garment only careful with the soleplate. Everything else concerned already the hot steam!

Important for the operation of steam generator iron is the selective use of the two different Bügelmodi ” OptimalTemp ” and “ECO “. By default, operates the Philips GC7036 / 27 in the above-mentioned “OptimalTemp” mode in which the device of the respective ironing surface without adjusting the iron temperature or steam stage adapts optimally. Burned clothes and awkward fiddling with controls for the operating temperature and vapor strength are a thing of the past – unless you make sure to use only genuine bow textiles.

A final and very important point in the operation should not be forgotten: the Philips GC7036 / 27 is equipped with a automatic descaling equipped. After a month or no later than 10 ironing operations, the “EASY DE-CALC” lights up and you should then descale the station by opening appropriately labeled EASY DE-CALC-closure and the lime water drains. The simple act of descaling is described in the manual again in detail. The Philips GC7036 / 27 has an automatic safety shutdown. The 1.7 liter generous water tank can be refilled on the fly.

Philips Pressurised ironing system


The electric power is 2400 watts . In ECO mode , the device consumes 30% less , but it is recommended by the manufacturer using the “OptimalTemp” mode.

The electrical consumption depends inter alia also by the frequency with which you press the steam button and thus the heat-up will start again , The permanent steam capacity (while holding down the steam button) is 120 grams / minute and a shot of steam 230 grams / minute.

The steam unit automatically turns off if it was not used for 10 minutes. This saves energy, while ensuring safety.

For transport safety or for the short-term state security is the lock, with which you can anchor the iron on the shelf.

This Dampfbügelstation we can recommend!

The steam generator iron Philips GC7036 / 27 has one hand a diverse, comprehensive facilities, meets the requirements of an energy-saving device and on the other hand easy to use. The manual is very detailed written and understood all the questions of the user find an answer here.

These are the strengths of Philips GC7036 / 27:

  • it has a large water tank (1.7 liters),
  • important properties such as water levels and availability are displayed electronically,
  • low heating up,
  • the tank can be refilled during the operation,
  • a built-in Anti-Calc System makes cleaning the unit,
  • ECO function for saving energy,
  • automatic safety shutdown after 10 minutes.

Here again follow all the information and the test score for Philips GC7036 / 27 .:

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