The best reviews 2017 / OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 Washing machine

OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 Washing machine

OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 Washing machine


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Test report: OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 clothes sling

For every housewife it is a plague when the laundry takes days to dry again. Nowadays, however, this can also be forbidden. The alternative to waiting is called OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 clothes dryer. A laundry slinger, which helps to make the laundry pre-dried. So be careful! The laundry is not dry, it is not a dryer. Such a laundry centrifuge is used when, for example, a lot of laundry has to be dried. The best thing about this OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 is that the centrifugal power is 3200 revolutions per minute, rather than a clothes dryer. 

Safety and ease-of-use – no issue with the OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 washer-extractor

Even easier can not the operation of the laundry centrifuges. Simply put the damp laundry in the drum and close the appliance. To open the lid of the clothes sling, the user simply has to press the button on the side. The spinning process begins when the safety catch is pushed over the closed cover. A spin cycle takes only 2 to 3 minutes. This circumstance leads not only to energy savings, but also the time factor is unbeatable. In some situations you can also open the OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 clothes dryer earlier. For this, it is necessary for the user to simply unlock the safety catch. The machine immediately stops the machine. The whole does not even take 12 seconds.


A device that fits into every household

The question of whether you need a sling dryer for predrying, everyone decides for themselves. The device itself does not put a stone in the way. That is, the OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 laundry slinger fits into every home from design to size. The dimensions are just 35 x 65.5 x41.5 cm, which is a standard device. Also the weight of 11.1 kilograms represents no problem. In addition, the device can have a very quiet noise level. This way, a spin cycle can be carried out after 10 pm. The design was a silver color, timeless and elegant at the same time. This OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 extractor is particularly well suited for 6 kg. The machine does not want to be an extra sausage either. A normal connection of 220 to 240 Volt is completely sufficient. The fixed stand is ensured by the non-slip feet. The 1.7 kilogram long cable allows the user a wide space around the device securely from a socket. Because with the combination of water and socket always a bit caution is offered.


The OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 washer-dryer is not a requirement

Everyone who thinks one needs an extra port for the OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 clothes sling is wrong. Even if wet laundry comes into the skid, no extra connection is needed to remove the water. The water flows through a lateral opening. Either the user places a bucket or simply lets the water drain. Of course, this is only possible if the machine is in a laundry room, for example. Even cleaning is a children’s play. The OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 tumble dryer is enough if the user wipes the device with a damp cloth. The stainless steel drum inside is also pleased about it.


Conclusion guy
All those who are constantly annoyed with the fact that the laundry does not dry quickly, can now take the OneConcept MNW3 WS 3500 clothes dryer closer into consideration. It is also particularly good at this clothes sling that sensitive fabrics are dried more gently than in a clothes dryer. So, by the way, a side effect is generated. Such a price-performance ratio does not come back to the market so quickly. The washer-dryer is also excellent at a campsite, a current supply is nowadays almost inclusive.

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