The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Miele S 8340 EcoLine in Test

Miele S 8340 EcoLine in Test

Miele S 8340 EcoLine vacuum cleaner

Miele S 8340 EcoLine the test: Read our recent review of the Miele S 8340 EcoLine and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Miele S 8340 EcoLine – Review

For 190 euros you get with the S 8340 EcoLine economical vacuum cleaner which leaves no wish unfulfilled. If the price does not scare and suck sometimes larger premises, the Miele is a safe choice.

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Under the name “Miele & Cie” the entrepreneur Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann have laid the foundation for an unparalleled success story in the late 19th century in Gütersloh. Were made at the beginning nor exclusively cream separators and butter churns, one has soon expanded the product range. In addition to dishwashers, washing machines and other household appliances, were also vacuum cleaner produced from 1927 . Meanwhile Miele dozens of different models in its portfolio, Schnäppchenpreise investigated one case but in vain. Miele wants to produce high quality products and so is hardly a canister vacuum for under 100 euros to have. Nevertheless, the devices are extremely popular, especially the S8340 EcoLine.Therefore, we want to check the test whether this the value purchase price of nearly 200 euros is.


The Miele S 8340 EcoLine is already fit for the coming EU directive and consumed on the highest power level only 1,200 watts. If you reduce the suction power to one of the middle stages of the vacuum cleaner comes even from 600-700 watts. Especially in times of rising electricity prices a real plus. The power can be controlled by the way in 6 steps on the device and also enables a secondary air opening on the handle to reduce the suction power. That’s just useful when vacuuming carpets because so raising the carpets can be avoided. Despite the low power consumption of Miele is incidentally not a lightweight . On the contrary, weighing about 8 kilograms is clear that he probably feels more in larger premises. The matching vacuum cleaner bags have a volume of 4.5 liters, thus offering also enough reserves for larger apartments or houses.

At the word “vacuum cleaner bag” shrill at convincing supporters of bagless vacuum cleaners often alarm bells.Follow-up costs, decreasing suction and other disadvantages are the classic vacuum cleaners like accused. At least the follow-up costs can be then actually not be argued. Unfortunately no replacement bags are included. Included in the price for an upholstery nozzle, a crevice tool and a dusting brush . The filter system has a standard way to do without a HEPA filter, yet it makes a very good impression. Allergy can retrofit the HEPA filter later. The cable is quite long and allows a range of around 11 meters , and for really big rooms absolutely sufficient.

Review – Top Quality

In terms of workmanship disappointed Miele also the S 8340 EcoLine not. Thanks to the high weight and the quality look at you to stop immediately feel a deluxe vacuum cleaner in hands. The furniture flap is well managed and protects both the nipple and the furniture from scratches or dents. The telescopic tube is made of sturdy metal made and so that suction is not unpleasant, of sufficient length and with a height of 1.90 meters. The connections between the individual sections are extremely robust and never separate from each other unintentionally. Only the plastic used in the case is not quite as high as in more expensive models of the same house. But that is complaining on a very high level.

Despite its size and weight of handsome, the Miele S 8340 EcoLine turns in the test as extremely lightly . The rolls carry it easily in all directions and also the cable unrolls without resistance. The suction power can, incidentally, like all other functions are operated with the foot. Therefore we choose with the +/- keys to select one of the 6 stages that the device then even remember even after switching off. The replacement of the dust bag is effortless and without mess. Depending on the application is likely to change every 4-6 months a queue, which at a price of approximately 2.50 euros annual cost of 5-8 euros equivalent. Especially in view of the savings in electricity is to get over.

Speaking of power, which consumes 1,200 watts indicated the S 8340 EcoLine in practice almost never. For to this end he may have to be operated at the highest level and that’s just as good as ever needed. On hard floors we had been at the lowest level absolutely convincing results from loose and on deeper carpets rich level 3 or. 4 In addition to the power savings also one benefits from the pleasant volume. While he is not unpleasantly loud even at the limit, it is at lower levels extremely quiet.

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Test result – expensive and well

With almost 200 euros of Miele S 8340 EcoLine is certainly not a bargain, but he does not want to be. Well made, extremely absorbent and thoughtful service. If he has a weakness, then that is the price.

Compare Miele S 8340 EcoLine with other canister vacuum cleaners in our vacuum cleaner comparison test .

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