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MELLERUD grill cleaner

MELLERUD grill cleaner


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Test report: MELLERUD Grillreiniger

With the first warmer sunrays, the desire for grilling begins again. As pleasant as to be together and eating is, the more difficult is the problem of the grilling to be cleaned. Strong encrustations, grease and oil can only be removed, if not at all, with detergent and sponge. In the test, therefore, the grill cleaner from Mellerud was carefully scrutinized. The manufacturer promises that both ceramic and stainless steel surfaces can be completely cleaned within a few minutes. After an extensive barbecue afternoon, the remedy was directly checked. 

A simple application

The easy use of the product was noticeable at the beginning. Before the grill cleaner can be applied, the surfaces should be completely cooled down. Coarse incrustations can be carefully removed using a spatula so as not to use too much of the grill cleaner. The product is then sprayed undiluted onto the surface to be treated and distributed with a sponge. After only 15 minutes of contact time, the impurities can be removed again with a small brush or the previously used sponge.

Even at this point, the test showed how well the product works. Even strong encrustations could be solved without problems. Afterwards it is important to rinse the surface with a lot of clear water. There was a shining and completely cleaned grill. In the case of particularly heavy soiling, however, the grill cleaner should be allowed to act for several hours or the application may be repeated several times within a shorter period of time. In addition, it is advisable not to ignore any remaining soiling, since they will burn even more firmly into the material during the next grilling.


Unsuitable materials

The Mellerud grill cleaner is not suitable for zinc, aluminum, plastic or painted surfaces. To ensure optimum cleaning, the cleaner is quite aggressive and would therefore leave permanent damage to the materials mentioned above. If the solution is accidentally caught on a sensitive surface, rinse it immediately. Even in the case of sensitive substrates, such as steino surfaces, lawns or highly polished substrates, it is recommended to protect them well before use. For this purpose, foil or cardboard is sufficient, which is generously dimensioned.


Also suitable for indoor use

The grill cleaner from the manufacturer Mellerud effortlessly removes stubborn incrustations, grease and oily deposits within a very short time. The product is not only suitable for the garden, but can also be used in the home. However, due to the corrosive active ingredients, it is very important that adequate ventilation is always ensured during cleaning in the own four walls.

To test the flexibility of the product, the grill cleaner has been tested at various ovens, including stainless steel, ceramic or barbecues, baking trays, baking ovens and grills. All materials can be easily cleaned with Mellerud’s Grillreiniger, which confirms the high flexibility of the product.


Further knowledge about the product

The manufacturer recommends that the product be used on a regular basis in order to prevent the burning of possible residues. The grill cleaner is therefore only suitable for cleaning, but also for the care of ovens. Another plus is the child-proof closure. It prevents children from opening the bottle and drinking the contents. It is a completely safe product.


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