The best snow blowers 2016 / McCulloch MSB 121 snow blower Test

McCulloch MSB 121 snow blower Test

The McCulloch snowblower MSB 121, the open spaces of paths and driveways succeed easily. It is a compact, single-stage model which freed with its high performance and large areas quickly covered by snow and ice. The McCulloch snowblower MSB 121 is easy to use, the storage succeeds comfortable. She brings a 53 cm working width.

Snowblower properties

  1. Snow removal
  2. handling
  3. Pros and Cons Product Reviews
  4. Technical details
  5. Conclusion

McCulloch snowblower MSB 121: Snow removal

The MSB 121 E McCulloch is very much used for semi-professional use. If citizens and caretakers must vacate sidewalks and parking lots, they hardly find a more powerful device at this price: cheaper rooms comes only with a shovel. The McCulloch engine will always adhere reliably and is extremely powerful in relation to the relatively small, handy device. The more snow the better works the stage snowblower. She throws the powder easily accommodate up to eight feet away, when sticky snow there are loose five meters. Moreover, McCulloch snowblower MSB 121 is extremely manoeuvrable due to its compact construction, smaller people can very well use.

Handling of McCulloch snowblower MSB 121

Before first use we checked in McCulloch snowblower MSB 121 freewheeling of the rubber roller, built from the roller rubber and cut it with a utility knife slightly. Also we locked the Kunstoffklappe which closes automatically in the sputum. At high levels of snowfall this increases the performance, clogging it can no longer give.The McCulloch snowblower MSB 121 is also suitable for medium-sized areas, moreover it is on narrow paths extremely manoeuvrable.

McCulloch snowblower MSB 121: Pros and Cons Product Reviews

  • Pro: high performance with compact dimensions and good maneuverability, easy handling, best price-performance ratio, engine starts even in bitter cold to good, immaculate run
  • Cons: partial processing weaknesses (rattles), thus processing individual parts as described necessary

Technical details of McCulloch snowblower MSB 121

  • Engine type OHV LCT 208
  • Net Power: 4 kW at 3,450 r / min
  • Milling model stage
  • Tank capacity: 1.4 l
  • Input Height: 33 cm
  • Working width: 53 cm
  • Auger diameter: 8.27 “(21 cm)
    collapsible Holm
  • Noise level: 105 dB (A) at the operator’s ear 88.4 dB (A)
  • Weight: 37.2 kg


Conclusion for McCulloch snowblower MSB 121

The snow thrower creates narrow paths as medium-sized areas, while it turns out in the handling easy and simple. The engine is very strong only interfere, small processing details. This contrasts with the low price of McCulloch snowblower MSB 121st

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