The best reviews 2017 / Maverick ET 733 Barbecue Grillthermometer

Maverick ET 733 Barbecue Grillthermometer

Maverick ET 733 Barbecue Grillthermometer


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Test report: Maverick ET 733 Barbecue Grillthermometer


A good purchase – Maverick ET 733 Barbecue Grillthermometer

Finally a grill thermometer, which convinced me. Often, I had to cope with some mistakes. The articles did not hold what they actually promised. There is the Maverick ET 733 Barbecue Grill-Thermometer quite different. This purchase, which is a very good price / performance ratio, has definitely paid off for me. In the meantime the preparation of meats without my Maverick ET is no longer imaginable. I have never been able to prepare food so precisely to the point. I always succeed in chickens, pigs, and co.


The most important product details at a glance:

– Set consists of receiver and transmitter
– Article weight is 249 grams
– Two hybrid temperature sensors and two grill clips
– Two temperatures are monitored at the same time
– Can be selected between: 1 x barbecue and 1 x grill chamber or 2 x grill food or 2 x grill chamber
– the temperature sensor cable is about 90 cm length for temperatures up to 380 ° Celsius
– after switching stay the receiver settings get
– there are six different preset temperatures selectable: chicken, beef, pork, veal, turkey, lamb
– wild game meat varieties are divided into : Hirsch / deer, elk, reindeer, buffalo, rabbits, boar, duck, wild fowl, fish
– depending on your taste, the temperature can be varied preferences
– between Celsius and Fahrenheit can be changed
– powered by four AAA batteries
– radio communication extends to 100 meters outdoors
– if the radio connection is interrupted for more than a minute, an alarm will sound
– at the temperature reached, a note sound will sound


User friendliness and effectiveness of the Maverick ET

This chic barbecue radio thermometer is very easy to use. The display is clearly visible and the large display provides quick information on the current cooking condition. All important information can be viewed at first sight. Especially for spectacle wearers this service is very pleasant and facilitates the operation. I find the pre-set temperatures for the different meat varieties especially useful. A differentiation has been made in the game courts. This pleasant extra, I find in this small and handy all-rounder in chic black especially pleasant. The novel hybrid temperature sensors operate very reliably. Until now, I am right with the set temperature with all my meat dishes. A high heat resistance of the sensors of up to incredible 380 degrees Celsius speaks for itself. So I do not have to worry about the maintenance of my grill thermometer.


A grill thermometer for house and garden

Thanks to the high range of transmitter and receiver, the Maverick ET is also great for outdoor use. This keeps the high-quality food to be kept in view. In addition, a note tone indicates that the desired temperature has been reached. This prevents possible burning. Whether you want to use it in the oven or use it on the outdoor grill, the Maverick ET 733 Barbecue Grill Thermometer is always the right choice. So you can always make your barbecue party something special and set your barbecue grill thermometer into the scene. This works almost independently and the required temperature for the respective food is determined absolutely precisely so that you have enough time for your guests.


Conclusion guy
All in all, I am very satisfied with the Maverick ET 733 Barbecue Grill Thermometer. I have only had positive experiences and no negative features are known to me. The article works very reliably and is for me a real profit. This is an unbeatable price / performance ratio. My meat products are precisely cooked exactly to the point. The display on the thermometer is beautifully clear and the operation is very user-friendly. With a clear conscience I can recommend this indispensable kitchen helper and look forward to shopping every day. 

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