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Magnus MP1021 Pull-up bar

Magnus MP1021 Pull-up bar


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Test report: Magnus MP1021 Klimmzugstange

The Magnus MP1021 pull bar is at first glance a very professional training device. Here, the user is given the opportunity to safely and easily complete his pull-ups for strengthening the upper body even at home. This professional pull bar for the ceiling with the very well angled profile, was tested in a practical test for its benefit. It is a robust and well conceptually developed stretch rod with 2 slip-proof and safe handles from the manufacturer Magnus Power.


The user gets the opportunity for easy training

Pull-ups are simple and are based on the resistance of your own body weight. They are perfect as a perfect training for between and here in the test proved the good suitability of the pull bar of Magnus. The upper body training as a useful training on the bar engages many types of muscles on the upper body and at the same time other muscle groups, such as back and arm muscles, are included in the training.

In consideration of the quality of such a training, the test was particularly focused on the durability of the Magnus pull bar. This rod is fixed at home or in a training room. For safety reasons, the installation should be carried out very precisely and according to the instructions, since the rod should carry 200 kg at the end.


What gets the customer at this bar

In the test, attention was paid to the technical specification, and special emphasis was placed on quality. The rod is 115 cm long and has two welded-on feet that are fastened to the ceiling with screws and dowels. Particular attention should be paid to the nature and load bearing capacity of the ceiling. The construction of the pull bar itself is more than the stated 200 kg.

This was proved by our test and, above all, the safe and robust material. The rod weighs 3.7 kg in its construction. It has a diameter of 2.5 cm and a handle of 1.15 m. To the ceiling this pull bar has a distance of 34 cm. These are professional dimensions and this rod also showed in the test professional features of a training device. It is flexible enough to carry the body weight of an adult safely.


Good and robust not only at first sight

The pull bar of this manufacturer is not only very robust and therefore positive to the viewer, but in the test, this bar proved absolutely its strengths. As I said, the benefit is dependent on the Monday, because it is important that the ground clearance is not too high and not too low. In the test, a wooden substructure with a beam for the assembly was chosen, which results from the training courses which have been chosen.

This pull-up bar fulfills all the requirements which are also given in a professional studio. Here you can access and get exactly the sports equipment you were looking for. The test has shown in all points that the production really delivers very good quality and the customer benefits this fact and the good qualities. Here you get the professional sports equipment for your own pull-ups at home.


The technical data in the overview:

– Exact model name model: MP1021
– Total weight: 3.7 kg
– maximum measured diameter of the stretch rod 25 mm
– absolute grip width: 115 cm
– Safety distance to ceiling: 34 cm
– good fastening material with 8 screws and dowels
– optimized max. Endurance: 200 kg
– good quality manufactured in the EU


Conclusion guyThere is a very good conclusion from the test. This professional chime looks professional and is not only optically designed. Here, the user gets optimal conditions for a muscle building at home.

The customer gets proven material, steel, grips upholstered and well fastened. This is not only buying technology, but also a sports device designed for eternity. This pull bar is a piece of valuable work and its use depends on the correct installation, which can be made with the manual with some difficulties. However, in the test, the professionalism and the convincing of all the test team.

On the simple construction, however, the exercises are very limited and this is just the case with pull-ups. However, it can not be denied that the customer gets exactly what he ordered. The conclusion from the test gives a very good recommendation for this safe sports equipment and here is really offered and delivered in every detail quality.

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