The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / LG HomBot Square 3.0 in test

LG HomBot Square 3.0 in test

LG HomBot Square 3.0 robotic vacuum

LG HomBot Square 3.0 in the test: Read our recent review of the LG HomBot Square 3.0 robotic vacuum and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

LG HomBot Square 3.0 VR6270LVMB – Review

When VR6270LVMB LG is one of the few manufacturers of Saugrobotern not to Chaoprinzip when pathfinding, but an intelligent system of cameras, sensors and computer technology. And that pays off! Read in the test where the HomBot nevertheless shows minor weaknesses.

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HomBot Square

LG was established already in 1958 in Korea under the name Gold Star and the first product, a radio receiver was then sold. Over the years there were numerous acquisitions and joint ventures, but the desire for innovation has remained. In the field of televisions, monitors or mobile phones LG has always represented with competitive products. Actually clear that the Koreans now manufacture Staubsaugerroboter. Under the designation “HomBot Square” LG sells three different robotic vacuum cleaner, which differ mainly in the facilities. The tested here HomBot VR6270LVMB is a unit of the latest generation and with a price of around 500 euros not even so low.We want to examine the test, whether the consideration is true when HomBot and how it is reflected in direct comparison with other Saugrobotern.


Like most other robotic vacuum cleaner is also the HomBot 3.0 on a bagless collection container , which here has a volume of 0.6 liters. As the “Square” suggests the name already, the LG is square with an edge length of about 34 cm and a height of about 9 cm. He is slightly higher than the iRobot vacuum cleaner, but it should still easily fit under most furniture. The built-in battery is fully charged after about 3 hours and then provides enough power for approximately 100 minutes of operation. Apart from the actual robotic vacuum also a charging station, a small remote control, a cleaning brush and are supplied with a HEPA filter of class 11 included. This promises a filtering of more than 95% of the sucked-in particles.

In addition to the suction well, the orientation of the crucial discipline in Saugrobotern and in the range of LG offers quite a lot. The robot can manually with the included remote control can be controlled, but also offers 3 automatic modes. In zigzag mode, it moves to the longest possible paths across the room, very similar to Cell-by-Cell mode, here the surface but is limited to a small square. In scroll mode, it runs in widening circles to its starting point. Much more important than the different modes but is the fact that the HomBot Square 3.0 is capable of learning and the spatial conditions impresses with time. Thanks to the Dual Eye technology it recognizes not only obstacles, but also where it is just and responds accordingly.

Test Result – sovereign idea

The LG draws design technically against competitors such as the email iRobot Although the short straw, but when it comes to processing it needs to hide from anyone. It seems durable and thanks to the around 3 kg also very valuable. The female voice that always knows what he is doing or what problems it has (eg stuck) is, at the beginning a little unusual, but quite helpful. Moreover, the software of HomBot is fortunately flexible. So if necessary, an update with new firmware to be uploaded. For a little technical understanding and a USB flash drive is necessary but complicated or even dangerous the process is not. Even after some time saved mapping can be deleted if necessary . This is necessary if the apartment things have changed and, for example, the bed was changed.

The cleaning and maintenance of LG HomBot Square 3.0 could hardly be easier and easier . A pressure on the top is sufficient and the hood opens. Among the dust collection container located on which a handle is attached and can be easily removed. The dirt is best outdoors, disposed of directly into the bin and leave it at that.Of course, the two rotating brushes collect on the lower silk often hair or threads, which then from time to time have to be removed again, but fate divides the LG well with all vacuum cleaners in the world. Since the robotic vacuum cleaner programmed , it can perform his duties in the absence of the landlord. Incomprehensible is only that you can program it only for daily cleaning, but not for weekly or every other day. When he threatens to go on tour of the juice or the job is done, it automatically returns to the charging station . Compared to other Saugrobotern the HomBot way, is a whole corner quieter, so you need not necessarily leave the room when he gets going.

In the test, the LG has an area of approximately 50 m² in a little less than 45 minutes completely cleaned. A good result which is likely to be mainly due to the sophisticated route planning, Chaoprinzipler definitely need longer.Then it comes to suction it comes to no great surprises – neither positive nor negative. On hard floors it sucks pretty much away everything that comes to dirt in the way. Only when the “grime” of rice and sand became too thick, he had to repeatedly drive over it until it was eliminated. Such situations are likely in everyday life but also be the exception. Speaking of rice, here the HomBot provides a maximum design weakness that actually share all robotic vacuum with front brush. Individual grains of rice are far flung from the brush from time to time in the room, rather than under the nipple. In such cases, therefore, would be a second tour often necessary to really get all the grains.

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Test result – expensive but really good

With a price of around 500 euros the LG HomBot Square 3.0 VR6270LVMB is really expensive even for a robotic vacuum cleaner. But for the money you also get about 3 kg the finest technology. He chooses the routes targeted, bumps almost never unplanned against obstacles and also the suction force is absolutely sufficient for hard floors.

Compare the LG HomBot Square 3.0 with other Saugrobotern in our Staubsaugerroboter comparison test .

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