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Landmann Starters Grillreiniger

Landmann Starters Grillreiniger


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Test report: Landmann Starters Grillreiniger

The barbecue season has begun, there is probably nothing more beautiful as a warm spring day end with a barbecue evening. The tasty meat or vegetables are cooked directly on the grill above the fire. After grilling is however the cleaning of the grill, added a not straight amusing matter, in order to simplify the cleaning however, the Landmann Starters Grillreiniger is suitable. With this grill cleaner, the grill flashes and flashes very quickly, without much effort. 

The Landmann Starters Grillreiniger

The Landmann Starter Grill Cleaner is supplied in an extremely practical, 0.5 liter spray bottle. The spray bottle allows the cleaner to be applied easily and evenly to the grill. The Landmann Starters Grillreiniger is biodegradable. This grill cleaner is suitable for the cleaning of grills as well as for the cleaning of chimneys. As with all detergents, the Landmann Starters Grillreiniger also poses a risk of skin irritation as well as irritation of the eyes. The cleaner should be used exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


How is Landmann Starters Grillreiniger used?

The Landmann Starters Grillreiniger is applied to the grill at a little distance using the spray bottle. The areas to be cleaned are easily wetted. After the grill cleaner has been applied, the grill cleaner has to work for a few minutes in order to develop its cleaning effect. Subsequently, the dirt is washed with a grill brush or a sponge with warm water. The cleaner dissolves even stubborn incrustations and grease effortlessly. The cleaning liquid must be thoroughly washed. When applying the Landmanns Starter Grill Cleaner, avoid contact with the skin and eyes. For skin or eye irritation, the cleaner must be rinsed with water and a doctor should be contacted immediately.


What should the user observe when using the grill cleaner?

In general, the user should comply exactly with the manufacturer’s instructions. The duration of the exposure time should not be exceeded in order to protect the material of the grill. When applying the cleaner in the open, take care that the wind changes the direction of the cleaning of the cleaner. There is then the risk that the Landmann Starters Grillreiniger gets into the eyes. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. The spray bottle should be kept approximately 10 centimeters away from the surface to be wetted.


Advantages of Landmanns Starters Grillreiniger

  • Easy to apply
  • Short exposure time
  • Cleans reliably grease and stubborn encrustations
  • Cleaner is biodegradable


Disadvantages of Landmanns Starters Grillreiniger

  • The spray head is somewhat cumbersome at first
  • Irritation to the skin and eyes may occur


Conclusion guy
The Landmann Starters Grillreiniger is a low-cost cleaner that reliably solves grease and encrustation. The application of this grill cleaner is very easy thanks to the practical spray bottle. The short exposure time is another plus, which the Landmann Starters Grillreiniger can claim for itself. The Landmann Starters Grillreiniger is not only suitable for the easy cleaning of the grill, it also cleans the chimney disks reliably and quickly. The specially developed cleaning formula enables excellent cleaning of grease, encrustation and coal residues. The Landmann Starters Grillreiniger also consists of biodegradable substances, but it can also lead to eye and skin irritation. If you are looking for a good grill cleaner at a reasonable price, the Landmann Starters Grillreiniger is well advised.

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