The best steam ironing stations 2016 / Klarstein Speed ​​Iron – Comparison Test

Klarstein Speed ​​Iron – Comparison Test

The Klarstein Dampfbügelstation “Speed Iron” is in three colors to have (red, blue and gray) and differs from the other steam irons our comparison table in some detail:

    • All the steam station weighs only 3.4 kg (without water), the iron itself comes to a weight of 1.29 Kg .


    • The steam station has to convenient transportation via a hinged handle . This is during the ironing work when lowered on the support surface of the iron. For transport, press the two side handle switch and then the handle tilted upwards on the iron. A practical solution for transporting these Dampfbügelstation.


    • The water tank is transparent and holds 1.7 liters . It can be removed at any time for replenishment during operation of the steam unit. To heat the Speed Iron needs only 1.5 minutes .


    • A control panel does not need this vapor station, since the steam is established using the heating elements of the iron itself . Therefore everything is well above the temperature knob set the iron. But there are electronic displays on Iron for steam readiness and the fill level of the water tank .


    • The Speed Iron can also lead to vertical steam ironing to be used. For this, the device is simply vertically at a distance of 5 – 15 cm held prior to smoothing textiles.


    • Steam hose and electric cable are both 1.65 meters long, making it scarce, but adequately sized. A separate cable compartment does not exist.


  • In the Wasserbefüllöffnung the tank is lime filter attached that should be replaced every 2-3 months.

Klarstein Speed Iron

The figure shows the Dampfbügelstation Speed Iron of Klarstein. In addition to red, this model is also available in other colors.

Good can be seen the folded-down carrying handle at the station, which facilitates the transport of the device.

When operating the Klarstein “Speed Iron” it is several things to consider, as they steam station’s only equipped with a temperature controller. Specifically, the operation is as follows:

    • The central control element is the temperature dial on the iron. When you have filled the tank with water, you turn on the iron and can now choose between several levels of temperature and steam. Please note: a separate Selecting temperature and steam level is not possible because both are matched by the speed Iron already optimally.


    • After filling the water tank one waits 1.5 minutes heating time , until the iron is ready to start. Then set the temperature control knob a on one of the 3 following areas:
      • 1 point = Synthetic (without steam)
      • 2 points: wool / silk (with steam)
      • 3 points: cotton (with steam)


    • Contrary to the manufacturer, there is no “steam blast” with this unit. In the device description at Klarstein though is from a steam burst the speech, but meaning the normal permanent discharge of steam on the (only) with the tubular handle mounted below the steam button. The amount of steam is then determined by the previous setting of the temperature control dial.


    • Vertical ironing ” is not a problem with the speed Iron. Shirts, trousers and other textiles are Simply sprayed from a short distance with the steam, which is best works here with the highest possible temperature / steam stage.


  • The scale filter on the water tank must be replaced every 2-3 months. To do this, the best the manufacturer’s recommended replacement cartridge: Accessory Set for Klarstein Speed Iron Set of 3 anti-scale cartridge


The soleplate of Klarstein Speed Iron consists of a noble metal coating.

About the numerous oval mounted openings enters the hot steam from evenly.

The electric power of Klarstein Speed Iron is 2400 watts . The steam output (while holding down the steam button on the highest step of the temperature knob) reaches its maximum at 90 grams / minute .

As a plus point in terms of safety is the reliable transport lock to call in the form of the hinged bracket described above.

As with other steam irons but we also recommend here only to take the steam vents on the soleplate closer look when the station is off. It is with active steam station is always a risk of scalding with very hot steam.


The Klarstein “Speed Iron” has no ECO mode and also no automatic safety shutdown.

We summarize briefly the essential characteristics of Klarstein Dampfbügelstation Speed Iron together:

  • Water tank with 1.7L,
  • Water tank removable at any time,
  • electronic display of availability (steam)
  • electronic display “empty tank”
  • vertical steam ironing possible,
  • Steam and temperature control synchronized
  • automatic descaling.

Here again follow all the information and the test score for Klarstein “Speed Iron” .:

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