The best reviews 2017 / Kettler Türreck Multi-pull pull bar

Kettler Türreck Multi-pull pull bar

Kettler Türreck Multi-pull pull bar


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Test report: Kettler Türreck Multi – pull pull bar

General Information

– Required door dimensions: width 78 x 92 cm, depth 15 cm (doorway)
– Max body weight: 120kg (according to package leaflet).
– Color: black
– Material: steel, moss Gummie (for the handles)



The Kettler Türreck comes in individual parts, but can be simply plugged together and screwed. Afterwards, it is hung on the door frame, no assembly is necessary, which is very convenient and goes fast. Thus, no holes or the like remain on the frame. For other exercises, put the doorkeeper on the floor.


Different fields of application

Pull-ups are probably one of the most strenuous but also most effective exercises. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find such a pull-up bar at home. Kettler’s doorstep provides a simple solution.

When you have hooked the door, you can start immediately with the pull-ups. Very pleasant is that you can try different handles and so different muscles with a device can train. Upper and lower limbs, like neutral or hammer handles, are possible in different widths and thus degrees of difficulty.

If you want to train over pull-ups, you can put the door-brace on the floor and use it as a help for the support, dips and to lift the legs. It also serves as a helm for sit ups.



– Moss Gummie the handles for a better grip
– Quick, easy assembly
– No extensive drilling / mounting
– High quality
– through mobility can take the door bar with the office or on vacation
– Can be taken after training



– After long use, the door bar can leave traces on the door frame or wall
– Through the doorway you may in some limited exercises


Conclusion guy
The assembly and hanging up is very simple and since you can not fix it, you can take the door rack as soon as you do not need it anymore. Also you can take it everywhere, if you want. An additional advantage is that you do not have drill holes on the wall or ceiling, as is the case with pull bars, which are screwed to the ceiling, for example.Due to the high quality, the stretch is stable and trustworthy. Thanks to the Moosgummies you have good support, even if you are trained without gloves. You have the possibility to try different handles, which I also find very pleasant. With a device, the whole body can be trained without being bored.
In order to prevent any traces of use remaining on the frame or on the wall, these can be covered for safety. I can only recommend the Kettler Türreck. It offers a good alternative to fitness studios and large home appliances.

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