The best steam cleaners 2016 / Kärcher SC 4 Iron Kit – Comparison Test • Steam Cleaners

Kärcher SC 4 Iron Kit – Comparison Test • Steam Cleaners

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (1.79)
Operation / handling (30%)
GOOD (1.79)
Power (25%)
VERY GOOD (1:36)
Equipment (25%)
VERY GOOD (1.00)
Security (10%)
GOOD (1.60)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Multistage steam regulation
    • Easy Park System
    • 2-chamber system
    • Incl. Iron


    • Small water tank

unctions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 4 Kg
  • Power: 2000W
  • Max. Steam pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Water tank capacity: 0.8 liters
  • Cable length: 4 meters
  • Range: 7 meters
  • 2-chamber system
  • Warm-up time: 4 minutes
  • Steam flow control: the handle
  • childlock
  • release
  • Steam strength selection: 2 steps
  • floor nozzle
  • floor cloth
  • Detail nozzle
  • Hand tool
  • Number round brush heads: 2
  • Park system
  • Iron
  • Iron connection
  • Manufacturer: Kärcher
  • Operating instructions: +
  • Unavailable

    • Integrated accessory compartment
    • window Washer
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 30% Note 1.79
Weight (Kg) 4 Kg  62.50
radius 7 meters  40.00
2-chamber system  + 100.00
Steam regulation handle  50.00
Steam power selection 2 stages  50.00
Total points 302.50 (500)
power 25% Note 1.79
power 2000 watts  77.78
Max. Steam pressure 3.5 bar  58.82
Water tank capacity 0.8 liters  30.00
Heating time 4 minutes  75.86
Total points 242.46 (400)
equipment 25% Note 1:36
Integrated accessory compartment  –   00:00
floor nozzle  + 100.00
floor cloth  + 100.00
Detail nozzle  + 100.00
Hand tool  + 100.00
Number round brush attachments 2 100.00
window Washer  –   00:00
Park system  + 100.00
Iron  + 100.00
Iron connection  + 100.00
instruction manual + 100.00
Total points 900.00 (1100)
security 10% Note 1:00
childlock  + 100.00
release  + 100.00
Total points 200.00 (200)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.60
Amazon valuation 4.4  70.00
Total points  70.00 (100)
Properties without rating
cable length

The Kärcher SC 4 is equipped with a two-chamber system, so it is one of the permanently filled steam cleaners. Functional and equipped than it is an evolution of the SC 3 , wherein one of the main differences to the SC 3 is that it is supplied with a steam iron. In the following list, we briefly describe all the important features of the SC 4:

    • The heating power is 2000W , the vapor pressure of 3.5 bar.
    • The bicameral system consists of a 0.5 liter water boiler-making and a detachable, 0.8-liter water tank that can be filled during operation without interruption of work. For heating of a maintenance closure for descaling provided boiler needs the SC 4 around 4 minutes.
    • The device has an on / off switch for the heating and electronic displays for the condition of heating and ev. Water shortage.
    • The three positions of the selector switch on the handle are responsible for the security and the controlled release of steam. You can choose between
      • the maximum amount of steam,
      • a reduced amount of steam,
      • and a vapor barrier ( Parental Control ): in this position the steam lever is not actuated.
    • Grasp the handle to allow the extension tubes for the floor nozzle plug. There are two such extension tubes (0.5 meters long), which are plugged into each other and so a range of 7 meters yield (measured from the outlet to the floor nozzle).
  • The following components are included:
    • a hand tool,
    • a jet nozzle,
    • 2 round brushes (it is on the detail nozzle front mounted)
    • a terry cloth cover for the hand tool,
    • 2 interlocking pluggable extension tubes,
    • the floor nozzle and a floor cloth,
    • a steam iron
    • and Kärcher Entkalkersticks.

Kärcher SC 4
The diverse delivery accessories of SC 4 IronKit leaves nothing to be desired.

The brand steam cleaner from Kärcher is also equipped with extensive security mechanisms such as parental control, pressure relief valve, boiler and safety thermostat.

Operation of the steam cleaner SC 4 is especially by the 2-chamber system facilitates, because this annoying interruptions of the operation because of an empty boiler no longer necessary. Also benefit from this “Much press” because the steam iron can now without significant interruption to operate as long as the user desires.

What else is there in the management of SC 4 to consider?

    • One can refill with water are two different ways: either using the hopper to the water tank or take the result as a whole and keeps him under the water spout. In both cases, the device can remain switched on.
    • We had already mentioned the maintenance closure of the boiler, through which the whole descaling process runs. Who no distilled water used is sometimes need to make a descaling depends on the hardness of the spot. In the manual you will find a detailed description of how this the manufacturer provided Entkalkersticks uses.
    • To connect the accessories one proceeds as follows:
      • the floor nozzle is attached (with or without the base cloth) on one of the extension tubes,
      • Detail nozzle, hand nozzle and extension tubes are plugged onto the steam gun until the unlocking button clicks.
      • sponge cover is pulled over the hand tool.
  • After first filling one waits, the warm-up time from 4 minutes before starting the steam cleaning or ironing. Thereafter, the heating is practically of no longer significant, because it is always refilled via the 2-chamber system of the boiler after each shot of steam directly with water.

If the supplied steam iron will use, you need this only to the steam outlet on the front of the main unit to connect. Anyone wanting to use only the steam iron, still must turn on the steam cleaner, since the steam is produced exclusively there.

During heating, a lit pilot light on the iron. Once this expires, you can start ironing.

The steam iron has two steam switch : a one at the top and at the bottom. Both have the same function, they direct the vapor, as long as they are pressed ( interval steaming ), on the stainless steel soleplate on the article being ironed.

The steam switch but can also be in the position permanent steam ensure that pemanent vapor is discharged without being pressed. To this end, it is entirely pushed backwards until it locks, for unlocking it is pushed forward again.

Otherwise, you can proceed with this iron so as you look at it from other steam iron or centers set is used (eg vertically ironing). Even dry ironing is possible, the main unit with the boiler must however to remain switched on.


The electrical output of the steam cleaner is 2000W . The actual energy consumption depends on the selected steam level and the votes per unit amount of steam.

Safety point of Kärcher SC 4 is equipped perfectly:

    • The child safety lock on the steam selection switch of the handle prevents leakage of steam, even when the device is turned on.
    • The pressure relief valve in the maintenance closure (see above on the subject of “descaling”) of the boiler leads to an automatic opening, if the pressure inside the boiler is too high.
    • Even with a 2-chamber system, it may happen that there is not enough water in the boiler is. In this case, its Regulatory lamp flashes and you can add water into the tank. But if both the tank and the boiler are empty, the switches boiler thermostat of the heating rods.
  • If both the pressure regulator and the boiler thermostat failed, comes as a final backup instance of the safety thermostat , which switches off the device if it gets too hot.

Steam cleaners in use
Good flexibility: With the Kärcher SC 4 is purified easily under furniture and chairs.

Hot steam removes even heavy soiling.

With its 2-chamber system and the extensive range of accessories incl. Steam iron the SC 4 of Kärcher is one already to upscalethe steam cleaner.

Although the initial heating of the full boiler lasts 4 minutes and then but guaranteed the 2-chamber system without interruption.

We brief the essential characteristics of the device together:

  • Bicameral,
  • Boiler 0.5 liter,
  • Water tank 0.8 liters,
  • Vapor pressure 3.5 bar
  • electric power 2000W,
  • 2-stage steam control with Parental Control,
  • Indicator lights for heating and water level,
  • Maintenance closure, overheating protection,
  • lots of accessories: Hand tool, detail nozzle and floor nozzle, steam gun, steam iron,
  • simple decalcification with Entkalkersticks.

Here again follow all the information and the test score for Steam Cleaner Model Kärcher SC 4:

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