The best steam cleaners 2016 / Kärcher SC 4.100 C – Comparison Test • Steam Cleaners

Kärcher SC 4.100 C – Comparison Test • Steam Cleaners

The Kärcher SC 4.100 C was in the magazine “Home & Garden 03/2014″ <b<testsieger< b=””>in steam cleaners, the “superclass”. This is certainly also due to its outstanding features:

    • The heating capacity is 1800 Watt and the steam pressure of 3.5 bar.


    • The SC 4.100 C is a 2-chamber system equipped (the “C” behind the product number always means at Kärcher ” with 2-chamber system”). Water tank and boiler are thus separated from each other, so that always water can be added, without turning it off or interrupt the work. The boiler holds 0.5 liters, 1 liter water tank.
      The maintenance closure on the boiler includes a pressure relief valve , here the excess steam is discharged in the case of overpressure. The maintenance closure is required in addition to the descaling (see below).


    • Two indicator lights for heating and mains voltage and the on / off switch facilitate the operation of the device.


    • The selector switch on the handle is used for regulating the dispensed amount of steam. You can choose between
      • the maximum amount of steam,
      • a reduced amount of steam,
      • and a vapor barrier ( Parental Control ) which prevents the release of vapor (even if the steam lever is pressed).


  • The following accessories complement the equipment:
    • a hand tool,
    • a jet nozzle and an attachable to this “power nozzle”, which increases the steam again,
    • a round brush, which is placed on the jet nozzle front
    • 2 interlocking pluggable extension tubes for the floor nozzle. This will be placed on the steam gun of the handle and thus lead (along with the 5-meter extension cable) to a maximum radius of 8.5 meters (from the outlet to the floor nozzle).
    • a terry cloth cover for the hand tool,
    • a squeegee for glass cleaning,
    • the floor nozzle with a ground cloth,
    • and Kärcher Entkalkersticks.

Kärcher SC 4.100 C

The SC 4.100 C of Kärcher’s eye equips with a double-chamber system.

Without the steam cleaning device having to switch off, can be refilled on the fly water.

Because of the 2-chamber system, the operation of the SC 4100 C is particularly simple:

    • About the hopper can be refilled the water tank at any time water. In particular, you can also remove the water tank during the operation completely and then add water directly under the faucet. To underline the very short heating time of 3 minutes , which later virtually invisible because it is so replenished after each steam burst the boiler immediately.


    • As with all steam-operated appliances occasional descaling is necessary also in this steam cleaner, unless you permanently distilled water used. Care must be taken because of the heating elements, especially on a thorough descaling of the boiler. The steam cleaner from Kärcher are always together with Entkalkersticks delivered whose application is described in detail in the user manual.


  • Connection and handling of the accessories is rather straight-forward:
      • the floor nozzle (ev. provided with the floor cloth) is placed on one of the extension tubes,
      • for the detail nozzle , there is a cap, the so-called. “Power nozzle”, which still increases the outflow speed of the steam enmal. So it is just the right accessory for the cleaning of particularly stubborn dirt.
      • the round brush is just like the power nozzle plugged as a complement to the spot beam Atomized.
    • with the sponge cover for hand tool can be particularly small washable surfaces, shower stalls and mirrors clean. For glass surfaces caution is in spite of the coating but attached: a small distance from the glass surface can not hurt!

Finally, there remains the window wiper to mention. This is a portable instrument, so that’s not connected via a steam hose to the steam cleaner.

Note for descaling:
Continued use of commercially available distilled water no de-scaling of the boiler is necessary.


The electrical output of the steam cleaner is 1800W . The actual energy consumption depends on the selected steam level and the votes per unit amount of steam.

Safety point of Kärcher SC 4.100 C like all Kärcher steam cleaner of well equipped:

    • The child safety lock on the handle we have already mentioned above. It is essential in such, operating with hot steam unit in the household.


    • The pressure relief valve in the maintenance closure of the boiler, we had also mentioned as equipment feature.


    • The boiler thermostat constantly measures the temperature in the boiler and on the heating elements with an empty boiler from. The steam cleaner overall but remains switched on!


  • If both the pressure regulator and the boiler thermostat fails, the switch safety thermostat all the gadget.


Its 2-chamber system, the 1800 watt electric power and 3.5 bar water pressure, abundance of accessories and low heating up the SC 4.100 C as a distinguished steam cleaner of the superclass from.

We brief the essential characteristics of the device together:

  • Boiler: 0.5 liters,
  • Wasserank: 1 liter
  • Vapor pressure 3.5 bar
  • electric power 1800 watt,
  • 2-stage steam control with Parental Control,
  • Indicator lights for heating and mains voltage,
  • Maintenance closure with pressure relief valve, overheating protection,
  • lots of accessories: Hand tool, detail nozzle, power nozzle and floor nozzle, steam gun, window wiper,
  • simple decalcification with Entkalkersticks.

Here again follow all the information and the test score for Steam Cleaner Model Kärcher SC 4.100 C:

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