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Kärcher SC 3000 – Comparison Test • Steam Cleaners


The 3000-meter series of steam cleaners Kärcher operates similarly to the devices from the 1,000-series (see also SC 1020 and SC 1030 ) with a one-chamber system, is this but in some respects superior to the equipment:

    • First there are the greater heat output of 1800 Watts and the vapor pressure of 3.5 bar to mention.


    • Furthermore, the boiler, the yes at the same time serves as a water tank, take 1 liter of water. Is turned Fills the water over the safety cap , which is also a pressure relief valve includes.


    • The device has an on / off switch for the heating and indicator lights for heating and mains voltage.


    • As with the other steam cleaners Kärcher there is a switch on the handle, which allows you to adjust the dispensed amount of steam. You can choose between
      • the maximum amount of steam,
      • a reduced amount of steam,
      • and a vapor barrier ( Parental Control ): In this position is submitted no steam when you press the steam lever.


  • The following components are included:
    • a hand tool,
    • a jet nozzle,
    • a round brush (it is on the detail nozzle front mounted)
    • 2 interlocking pluggable extension tubes for the floor nozzle can be attached to the steam gun of the handle.This results in the extended operating range to a maximum of 7.45 meters (from the outlet to the floor nozzle).
    • a terry cloth cover for the hand tool,
    • a squeegee for glass cleaning,
    • the floor nozzle with a floor cloth
    • and Kärcher Entkalkersticks.

Kärcher SC 3000

The SC 3000 Karcher is a brand device that is particularly recommended for use in private households.

Its boiler holds 1 liter Waser, a number of accessories are part of the standard delivery.

The operation of the SC 3000 is easy and safe:

    • About the security seal water is filled. Then the device is switched on and one waits the 6 minutes heating time from.


    • If you no distilled water used regular descaling of the device is necessary, which depends on the water hardness on the spot. In the manual you will find a detailed description of how this the manufacturer provided Entkalkersticks uses.


  • The accessory is connected as follows:
    • the floor nozzle is attached (with or without the base cloth) on one of the extension tubes,
    • the jet nozzle, the hand tool and extension tubes are plugged depending on the application on the steam gun until the unlocking button clicks.
    • sponge cover is pulled over the hand tool. This is particularly good for small washable surfaces, shower stalls and mirrors clean.

The window wiper is a portable instrument that has no connection with the steam cleaner. It is used when you want to clean windows, mirrors or glass surfaces in shower stalls. It initially vaporised while the glass surfaces from about 20 cm away and then pulling the window wiper track, from top to bottom.

Continued use of commercially available distilled water no de-scaling of the boiler is necessary.


The electrical output of the steam cleaner is 1800W . The actual energy consumption depends on the selected steam level and the votes per unit amount of steam.

Safety point of Kärcher SC 3000 meets all the requirements:

    • So that children are not scalded by escaping steam suddenly, pushes to the steam selection switch of the handle in the position Parental Control . After that – even with the power on and pressed steam lever – the steam outlet blocked.


    • The pressure relief valve in the safety cap of the boiler leads to an automatic opening, if the pressure inside the boiler is too high.


    • When the boiler is empty and the device is still powered on, which switches the boiler thermostat of the heating rods.


  • Finally, could enter the (unlikely) event that fail both the pressure regulator and the boiler thermostat. But even in this case it will be provided: the safety thermostat switches off the steam cleaner if it overheats.

Model SC 3000

As with all Kärcher steam cleaners, 3000 Security is important even when SC.

In a vapor pressure of at least 3.5 bar thoughtful security measures are indispensable.

1800 watt electric power and 3.5 bar water pressure, a boiler with 1 liter of water and lots of accessories. So is the Kärcher SC 3000 best equipped in the fight against heavily contaminated land in private households

Although he has no 2-chamber system , is but with the 1-liter fuel tank well equipped for a longer work.

We brief the main features of steam cleaning equipment together:

  • Boiler / water tank 1 liter,
  • Vapor pressure 3.5 bar
  • electric power 1800 watt,
  • 2-stage steam control with Parental Control,
  • Indicator lights for heating and mains voltage,
  • Safety lock, overheat protection,
  • lots of accessories: Hand tool, detail nozzle and floor nozzle, steam gun, window wiper,
  • simple decalcification with Entkalkersticks.

Here again follow all the information and the test score to the model SC 3000 Karcher:

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