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Isosteel Duo thermos flask

Isosteel Duo thermos flask


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Test report: Isosteel Duo Thermoskanne

The Isosteel Duo thermos is a very solid thermos for keeping drinks cold and warm. The Isosteel Duo thermos is equipped with some good qualities that are very good for storing beverages. In addition, it offers much more. 

Very attractive design

Perhaps some people feel that the design of a thermoset is not so important. Surely this is true. But nevertheless, it is certainly nicer to have a thermoscanner, which can convince visually very well. The Isosteel Duo thermos flask can be convincing in any case also in the optics. Of course, it has the same shape, which has a classic thermos.But the titan-gray color is very special. After all, the Isosteel Duo thermoset has a much higher quality. This is how the entire design image is upgraded and inexpensive plastic is not used in this thermoscanner, even if you know this from many other thermos. The isosteel duo thermoset also avoids the ever-boring stainless steel look. Overall, the Isosteel Duo thermos has a very appealing and modern design, which is also very special in this color. Even if the basic shape of the thermoscanner is more classic.


Insulation function at a high level

A thermoscanner is only really useful when it is well insulated, keeping warm drinks warm and cooling cold drinks well. The Isosteel Duo thermos is therefore a very good thermos. The insulating function is very good in this thermosensor. For example, in the summer, cold drinks can be kept cold for long periods thanks to this Isosteel Duo thermos. Especially on the road, this is of course very handy. But also in the other direction is the insulation function with the Isosteel Duo thermos. Finally, thermosets are used primarily for hot beverages. A hot coffee, a tea or another hot drink can be kept hot in this thermos for several hours.


Good equipment in all matters

The Isosteel Duo thermos has a very good equipment, which is mainly due to the fact that this thermos is very high-quality processed. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a structure that is ideal for insulation. Because there is a thick insulating layer between the outer casing and the inner lining, which ensures that the drinks do not come into contact with the outside temperatures as long as they are in the Isosteel Duo thermos. This thick insulation keeps the drinks hot or cold for long periods of time. In addition, this thermoscanner also has further good features. It also has a removable carrying strap and a folding handle. The integrated cup can be screwed on and off, thus providing an overall picture of the thermoscanner. Thus, the Becker also serves as an additional cover and therefore also as an additional insulation on the side, where the filling opening of the thermosum is located.


Easy to use

A thermosensor, which is difficult to operate and is found to be very bulky, is always a drawback and is then not used very often. But the Isosteel Duo thermoscope does not need to worry about it. Because this thermospan is so easy to use that it would be almost embarrassing if you did not know how to use it. All kinds of beverages can be easily filled into the thermos flask. And also pouring into the integrated cup is very simple. The screwing on and unscrewing of the cup is ultimately uncomplicated. In addition, this thermoscanner can of course also be easily transported by using it on the carrying handle or with the carrying strap. And it fits well in your pocket or backpack.


Suitable for many situations

The Isosteel Duo thermos can be used for many different situations. During the summer on trips or shopping you can have refreshing cold drinks with this thermos. In winter, however, you always have a hot drink with you.Whether for work, school or just for the way to work or school, the Isosteel Duo thermos can be easily used if you want to have a drink.


Conclusion guy
With the Isosteel Duo thermos, you get a high-quality thermos, which you can use very well in your everyday life and in your spare time. This thermoscanner has a very simple handling and can be transported from A to B in a completely uncomplicated way and is easy to operate.

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